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Posted: February 15, 2020 at 10:47 pm

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The medias efforts to glorify morbid obesity as beauty and the push for the so-called Health At Every Size (HAES) and body positivity movements have been met with resistance from fitness guru Jillian Michaels and others in the fitness scene. The latest influencer to take on the unhealthy lifestyle, Xiaxue, is now the subject of social media cancellation after she spoke out against the horrendous practice.

The popular Singaporean YouTuber and influencer, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, mocked the unhealthy standard after a post glorifying a morbidly obese model trended on Instagram.

Its one thing to be chubby or fat but this is way past that. Most morbidly obese people dont live past 40. They gorge themselves with 30 burgers a day and when they inevitably get a clogged artery or diabetes taxpayers have to help foot their medical bills when their health conditions are entirely caused by their irresponsible behavior, she wrote. Disgusting. The morbidly obese (like this woman) should never have been seen as attractive because death and disease isnt attractive full stop. Irresponsibility isnt attractive.

Even when they die [they] need 3 [people] to carry the corpse please, she joked. Fucking stop glorifying this shit @instagram, shame on you.

The post, which was widely reported by offended social justice activists, was deleted by Instagram for harassment. Fat activists are now mocking Xiaxue for undergoing plastic surgery and have called upon each other to report her account in an effort to suspend her.

Xiaxue has continued to call out morbid obesity in a series of posts and videos decrying the Instagram communitys double standards in enforcing its harassment policy. In screenshotted DMs, Xiaxue captured the vitriol sent to her by numerous social justice activists, many of which called her fatphobic.

Skinny people die from stroke and diseases too lmao. I hope u die one day, wrote one user named soft.sapphire.

Explaining herself, Xiaxue wrote that she wasnt fat shaming anyone and that she was expressing concern about the glorification of morbid obesity.

What concerns me is that the media is constantly glorifying morbid obesity, trying to say its perfectly attractive (which we all know it isnt). Its fine to have an eating disorder. But we dont glorify anorexia as being sexy so why the other end of the spectrum? Both are really unhealthy, she wrote. If you see your friend get addicted to smoking which will slowly kill him will you tell him his lifestyle is perfectly acceptable and his behavior is beautiful? No, you tell him to stop or reduce. So why isnt it OK to say that morbidly obese people should not obstinately be PROUD of their size and should do something about it?

Its OK to love and accept someone whatever size they are, but being the rough size and shape of Jupiter should NOT be glorified, Xiaxue continued. If people cannot get the difference and think this is the same as fat shaming then so be it, I refuse to pretend that being so big you cant even get out of bed and you cant even wipe your own arse is fine and dandy because its disgusting and unhealthy.

Xiaxue continued in a separate post: Why is it my business and why must I be so mean? Why cant I let these people be deluded and happy? Because I dont think we should encourage obesity, which is a disease. I think people weighing 500lbs should go on a freaking diet instead of living in a delusion held up by enablers that the fatter they are the braver they are and the more beautiful they are, she said. They need to know the truth and that is that people arent fatphobic if they find obesity unattractive. Its natural to want to breed with healthy people to ensure the survival of your kids. No matter how you try to drum the beauty of obesity into our minds, it will never work.

So stop lying to yourself. You are being selfish [because] you want to look kind online and feel good about being nice. But your lies are harming people, she concluded.

As Ive previously written on Twitter, theres no such thing as fatphobia. Its just another one of those terms designed to pathologize the natural dislike of obesity as a form of mental illnessas if youre abnormal for preferring fitness and health.

The postmodern left uses science-y sounding faux clinical terms designed to validate and normalize unhealthy lifestyles, degeneracy and inhumanity while disenfranchising decency as a social constructas if what they promote arent social constructs from a counter-narrative.

There are firm biological foundations to preexisting social constructsfitness primary among them. If youre physically and/or mentally unfit, youre a burden to society and everyone around you. Period.

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