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Posted: February 15, 2020 at 2:49 am

A new report recently revealed by the World Bank on the state of health and hygiene in the world claims that around 66 percent of women are obese or overweight. Read the texts below to know more in details.

Among men, the increase was smaller, at 4 percent (7.20 to 11 percent). The report states that in the North Africa and Middle East region, Kuwait is the country with the highest obesity and overweight rate among women (77 percent).

The report claims that Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt have the overweight rate of 75.3 percent, 74.2 percent, 73.7 percent, 72 percent and 71.3 percent respectively, APA News stated. Algeria and Tunisia have comparable rates to Morocco with 68.1 percent and 67.8 percent respectively. Djibouti has the lowest rate with 46.1 percent of obese and overweight women.

According to the World Bank's report, the spread of obesity and its negative health and economic consequences have been noted growing. The World Bank insists that obesity affects all countries of the world, whether rich, poor or developing. Since 1975, this epidemic has tripled and the costs it generates among the most affected countries have been increasing.

Apart from the figures, the report elaborates on the factors that enhance the increase in obesity, which are directly linked to human behaviour and environment. The easier access to ultra-processed and sweet foods and cuisines, dwindle in physical activity are also linked to technological progress at work and home that lead to the spread of obesity. Even the greater consumption of harmful foods for health with the rise in disposable income is also a big factor.

The World Bank estimates that diseases linked to overweight and obesity such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are the three leading causes of death in all regions of the world, except in sub-Saharan Africa.

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World Bank report: 66 pct of Moroccan women are obese, figures for other countries revealed - Devdiscourse

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