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Posted: January 15, 2020 at 7:43 am

Laurie Ash can fit into a pair of pants she wasnt able to wear for years. She learned something simple: watch what you eat and keep track of what you eat.

It really works, Ash said.

Ash and her husband, Fred, lost more than 10 pounds within six weeks. This didnt happen magically. Or rather, it happened because they had a goal and the rest followed. The Ashs were determined to get into a better, healthier, and one that works with their busy lifestyle.

Thats when they met Vikki LeBeau.

The owner and clinic director of Texas Last Diet in The Woodlands, LeBeau is determined to not only help her clients lose unwanted fat but to also educate them about foods and how eating healthy, the right way, helps in the long run. She wants to explain the science of it all so people have a better understanding.

Most people know more about their vehicles than their bodies, LeBeau said. Thats my goal, is to educate.

Texas Last Diet

Where: 26107 Interstate 45 North, The Woodlands

Phone: 832-791-3438

Website: https://texaslastdiet.com/

LeBeau began her own weight loss journey and tried various companies but she didnt find success.

Desperate to lose the unwanted fat she had, she considered bariatric surgery.

LeBeau had a consultation for her surgery and three weeks before that happened she was introduced to a program called Ideal Protein. Skeptical at first, she gave it one last try before the planned surgery.

The consultant at Ideal Protein sat down with LeBeau and step-by-step went through what she was currently eating and what she needed to do to lose weight. LeBeau started seeing results.

Now, for about five years, LeBeau does the same thing for her clients at Texas Last Diet in The Woodlands area.

Each person is different, and the program may not be for everyone, she said. Thats why I think were so successful is that we teach you how your body works.

She guides her clients through a break down process on what foods they need to eat, how much and how often. Her program allows not only weight loss but also helps clients feel better health-wise.

Its really great just seeing the numbers going down (weight scale), Ash said. Its a whole lot better than me trying to do it by myself.

Ashs husband, Fred, is just as enthusiastic about what LeBeau has done for him.

Im still having a good experience with Vikki. Shes been very informative, very educational, she knows what I'm looking for, Fred said.

Hes not only losing weight but feels better health wise as well.

Im feeling a whole lot better, Im getting my weight down and this is what I want and Im thinking all my numbers, my sugar is going to be in line next time I go see the doctor, he said.

Ash says she really believes in this program because it has been working for her and fits her schedule.

I saw that she (LeBeau) was successful with a lot of other people and I thought if it works for them then itll work for me, Ash said.

What sets us apart is our coaching abilities to teach people whats going on with their body because most wont, LeBeau said.


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