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Posted: February 20, 2020 at 7:43 pm

WE all have our own reason to lose weight. A turning point where we think: Enough is enough - something has to change.

It might be a particularly bad family photo, or a wheezing, red-faced end to a family kick-about. Whatever it is, it changes our lives.

For Claire Healey, it was a horrific car crash, where she thought her weight might literally be the death of her. The crash left Claire trapped, upside down, in her car in the middle of the motorway. She feared that, at over 20 stone and a size 24, she was too large to crawl out of the window to safety.

She explains: Two men helped pull me out, but at one point I didnt think I would manage it. All I remember is one of them telling me to watch out for my stomach because it was hanging down onto the broken glass.

The side window had smashed and I knew I had to try to get through it, but I was worried that I was so fat I would get stuck and have to wait in the middle of the motorway to be cut out.

People had stopped and gathered round the car. With the help of the two men pulling me, I did get out, but even in the middle of all the trauma I remember feeling embarrassed.

If I had been just a few pounds heavier, I would not have been able to squeeze through that window. I decided there and then, as I waited in the hospital for treatment, that this time I would succeed in losing weight.

Claire approached Silverlink Clinics, whose dedicated doctors offer a highly effective medical weight loss treatment without surgery, comprising specialised nutritional treatment along with treatments to restore body shape and skin elasticity.

Over the next seven months, Claire shed more than eight stone.

The regular, in-clinic treatments that Claire received, both break down excessively thickened areas of fat under the skin, and maximise the recovery of the skins elasticity, so that patients have an optimised cosmetic outcome and body shape after weight loss.

Claires weight problems began after she left school and started work.

I was big but very athletic at school, she explains. I was always playing sport and was captain of the netball team. But when I left, I stopped all the sport and began enjoying myself too much.

I had a fantastic time eating and drinking whatever I wanted. I could easily drink 12 halves of lager, then finish off with a takeaway curry on the way home. And the rest of the day would be full of chocolate and crisps and stodge like pasties so the weight piled on.

Her health was suffering to such an extent that she got through the day on a mixture of steroids and antibiotics. Claire has a condition which has caused scarring on her lungs, and her hugely increased weight, combined with her drinking and smoking, was sending it out of control.

I was desperate. I started to try every diet going, she says. I joined slimming clubs and lost a bit of weight, and I went to my doctor and got slimming tablets, but nothing really worked long-term for me.

Now, just months after walking through the doors of the clinic weighing 20 stone, Claire is a size 12 to 14, and weighs 11 stone.

She said: I just hibernated through the winter, and I even managed to lose weight during Christmas. There is a forum set up by the clinic where all the patients can swap recipes and tips, and that was really helpful. I have actually been eating some delicious food.

All the time I was losing weight I bought cheap clothes from supermarkets because they became too big for me so quickly. My boss calls me the amazing shrinking woman. I can do all kinds of things now I walk my dogs everywhere, I can run for a bus and I can bend down to fasten my shoes, which I couldnt do before. My life is just so much better.

How it works

The nutritional part of the Alevere medical weight loss treatment consists of plentiful natural foods from the very start of every patients treatment. Additionally, the patient is given precisely formulated proteins in Alevere nutritional supplements, which support the bodys metabolism throughout the patients weight loss. These ensure that excess body fat, not muscle tissue, is broken down and metabolised. They ensure that the liver can work in an optimal way to produce sufficient glucose so that blood glucose levels are maintained and become normal and stable, even in diabetic patients.

This nutritional treatment keeps insulin levels low and puts the body into a metabolic state where it constantly and efficiently burns up excess stored fat, but does not break down lean tissue during the weight loss.

Patients are given weekly treatments of targeted external ultrasound, which cause the breakdown of excessively thickened fat stores under the skin. Immediately following this, each week, every patient receives treatment for their entire body with a device specifically developed and shown through numerous studies to stimulate and increase the production of collagen and elastic substances in the skin. This optimises the elastic recovery of the skin as the weight is lost, and the combined effect of both treatments is to optimise the patients body shape and cosmetic appearance following their weight loss. This is a very important aspect of any treatment for weight loss, but is something which is often sadly overlooked.

Chris Matthews

Founder & CEO, Alevere & Silverlink Clinics


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