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Posted: February 19, 2020 at 8:45 am

Obesity can increase the risk of depression

Obesity is linked to several health issues. Excess body fat can be harmful for your body in various ways. It can significantly increase the risk of some serious health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, liver diseases, high blood pressure and many more. Unhealthy weight also affects various processes inside your body as well. A healthy diet and physical exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can also affect your mental health. Studies have highlighted the link between obesity and depression. People suffering from obesity are at a higher risk of depression and vice versa. Here's the link between the two.

Obesity can lead to depression: According to studies, obese people are more likely to experience depression as compared to those with a healthy weight. There can be several reasons behind it like low self-esteem or self-image and many more. Obesity can cause other health issues as well including joint pain or discomfort in performing other tasks. These factors can contribute to depression in people with obesity.

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Depression can lead to obesity: If you are depressed you at a higher risk of obesity. People who are depressed are more likely to overeat and they end up consuming a huge amount of calories. This can contribute to obesity. Lack of physical exercise when depressed also contributes to obesity.

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Both depression and obesity have several risk factors in common. To reduce the risk of several diseases, it is extremely important to make several dietary and lifestyle changes.

Exercise can help you fight the risk of obesity as well as depression. Exercise can boost both mental and physical health. It is an effective way to reduce weight as well as symptoms of depression.

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A healthy diet is extremely important for your weight as well as mental health. Dietary changes also affect both mental and physical health.

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For both depression and obesity, you should not miss the symptoms. A slight change in weight should not be ignored. If you are gaining weight you should take necessary steps to control it at the initial stage itself. Similarly for depression, do not ignore the symptoms and get medical help as soon as possible.

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