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Posted: March 9, 2020 at 11:55 pm

When you opt for any diet plan to lose or gain weight, you will experience some changes in your body, whether it is paleo, keto, or other diet plans out there. But if you can continue for several days, you will see the changes, and your body will also change its habit for the diet plan.

Carnivore diet, aka all-meat diet plan, is simply a diet plan which incorporates only meat. You have to eat meat for each meal of the day. You cannot go for any vegetables or carbs. Those who prefer meat can pursue the diet plan more comfortably than others who love to consume veggies and carbs.

Surviving on any diet plan for losing weight may be daunting for the first few days. But you have to stick to the diet plan. Otherwise, you may not see the ultimate result of the diet plan. In this article, I am going to share my experience on a carnivore diet plan. Though I am not so fat, I wanted to give a try to learn what actually happened after a few days.

Before delving into the details, I would like to tell you about the diet plan so you can understand better. And, if you want to incorporate the diet plan, carnivore diet, it will be better for you to continue. Because, before starting a diet plan, it is wise to know the after-effects of the menu, right?

What is the carnivore diet anyway?

I think this is the most straightforward diet plan out there, among other diet plans like keto or paleo or HCG. Do you know why? Because of this simple but hard-to-follow diet plan, all you have to eat is just meat. It is also considered the ancestral approach of the diet plan. In ancient times, our forefathers lived on meat mostly. They hunted wild animals, fishes from river or any other water sources and ate them to satisfy their hunger.

So, you are only allowed to consume meat (steaks), butter, eggs, and cheese. For the first few days, you can eat some carbs after two or three days if you cannot continue the diet. But only meat is recommended for the diet plan. However, if it is not suitable for you, the paleo diet can be the best option left for you.

If you are on the diet plan, how do you get benefitted? Well. Below are the benefits of the diet plan; I stumble upon it.


If you prefer eating meat, you can go to the diet plan. Because the menu of the diet plan suggests only to eat meat, cheese, eggs, and butter. So, it would be like you can continue the diet plan easily. But after a few days, you may experience difficulties pursuing the diet plan. Sometimes, you may vomit and have a headache as well.

Ketosis starts

Our body needs a source of energy to run it. Most of the time, the power which is necessary for our body gets by burning carbohydrate. What if there is almost no carbohydrate inside our body? The game starts from here. When our body does not energy from carbs, it changes the way to start ketosis, known as a metabolic process to burn stored fat in our body. Ketosis can benefit you to reduce weight, some health issues like ADHD.

Fast weight loss process

Continuing the meat diet plan for the first week, I feel like I have lost a few pounds of my weight. I checked and surprised that I have cut nearly four pounds of weight. This is huge! And, I have lost another two pounds for the following weeks on the meat diet plan. If you want to cut out some extra weight fast, it can be a good option for you to incorporate.

What happens for the first week of the diet plan?

I have already mentioned earlier in this article that everything needs time to transform. In the same way, after starting the carnivore diet plan, you have to consider a few days to match the diet plan to your body. Starting is easy, but pursuing consistency is somewhat tricky.

The first week will be the toughest for you if you want to take the diet plan. Because, for those days, you have to ignore your regular habit of eating. You will have to spend some days in the fluctuation mode of appetite. In this situation, you should allow you to sleep more.

Someday, you will feel like you dont need anything to eat. But for other days, you will become so hungry to eat a lot. But, as mentioned, by continuing the diet for a few days, everything should be reasonable to you so you can pursue the menu.

The diet plan is not easy to continue. Most dieters leave it in the middle or after a few days of starting. But if you are determined, you can continue. It will be pretty easy for you to maintain. When you begin to see the result, meaning weight loss, you can pursue the diet plan. If it is too difficult to proceed, you can eat sweet potatoes slightly.

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