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Posted: September 14, 2019 at 3:44 am

At Metro Health Weight Management, we believe that people who succeed in making their lives healthier are happier. Our mission is to help people improve their health through a well-rounded approach to weight loss. In the Weight Management program, we will provide coaching for dietary, behavioral and exercise habits while you are monitored by licensed bariatric physicians. Because we understand that genetic, social, cultural and emotional factors lead to obesity, our patients are properly supported and equipped throughout their weight loss journey.

We provide two weight management programs, Getting Health 900 and Getting Healthy 1200.

Our most successful medical weight loss program provides a structured diet consisting of high protein, low calorie foods. Prior to starting the program, you will meet with an internal medicine physician, registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. This is a 24 week treatment program that is divided into three phases.

During the first phase, weeks 1-12, food intake is limited to 800-900 calories per day using high protein, low calorie food supplements. Weekly clinic visits include weigh-in and blood pressure check, reviewing periodic lab tests and physician or clinical staff visit. In addition, weekly group sessions offer behavioral intervention, nutritional education, social support and instructions on how to increase physical activity.

In the second phase, weeks 13-24, regular foods are reintroduced while the food supplements are gradually reduced. Weekly educational sessions will help you continue to gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain your weight loss. You will meet with a dietitian for additional support during your transition.

Lastly, in phase three, week 25 and on, group support and education are available for all people who have completed one of our medical weight loss programs.

This medical weight loss program is a low calorie diet of 1200 calories per day.Prior to starting the program, you will meet with an internal medicine physician, registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Following these initial visits, you will be started on a customized meal and exercise plan. Your attendance at regular group meetings over a 24-week period will reinforce the behavioral intervention, nutritional education and healthy exercise practices that makes this program successful. At week 20, you will meet with a dietitian for support moving into the final weeks of the program and beyond.

To learn more about our medical weight loss program, register for a FREE 1 hour seminar today. Click here for a list of upcoming seminars and to register.

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