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Posted: January 4, 2020 at 3:45 am

Whatever the reasons for losing weight, slimming down is something on the minds of many people. Therapists and life coaches, Nik and Eva Speakman, known as The Speakmans, shared their top tips to help Britons shape up this year.

The couple explained how slimmers can get into shape by taking a look at what they already eat and being patient.

The life coaches appeared on This Morning today to share their top tips on the best way to slim down.

Set realistic goals

They explained those hoping to lose weight should think about what they want to achieve and set realistic goals to help them get there.

They said: Most people say, I want to lose weight, as soon as you lose a pound youve succeeded, so stop.

By clearly setting up what they hope to achieve, slimmers will be able to achieve the goals.

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Look at what you already eat

Many Britons will strive to follow a strict diet plan when they try to lose weight.

However, the experts revealed dieters can look at what they already eat to see what they can cut back on.

The experts said: If anyone has put weight on its happened over a period of time.


Ninety-eight percent of diets fail because theyre not sustainable long term, what we see is people then feel theyve failed.

Instead, dieters can stay motivated by figuring out when they started to overeat and what caused this.

Look at how you eat, what youd like to change and why you started overeating in the first place," they added.

Overeating is a symptom and behind it there is always a cause.

Eat intuitively

Those hoping to lose weight can also opt to find healthier versions of the foods they already enjoy.

Doing this, and making an effort to eat intuitively will help dieters achieve their weight loss results.

They explained: We know what we should do, we know we should not overeat.

It comes down to conditioning, the foods you like the most are ones you had as children.

At what point did you start putting weight on? We all have habits around food.

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