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Posted: April 8, 2019 at 8:44 am

Rejuvenate MD can help you achieve and maintain weight loss for long-term health benefits and a higher quality of life with a fully personalized and research-based weight loss program.*

To get started on a healthier, happier you, explore our programs and schedule a free consultation.*

At Rejuvenate MD, our weight loss programs are a far cry from the latest fad diet. Every patient begins with a comprehensive medical exam. This includes medical history and testing that includes blood pressure and body fat analysis. Well go through your past dieting history, and your current eating and exercise patterns. We use metabolism and body composition as our true indicators of weight loss progress. We know this is also the key to long-term success.

Once we have your medical background, well design a medical weight-loss program specifically for you. Well set your initial calorie goal and will include selected pharmaceutical appetite suppressants to eliminate your cravings. Thats the Active Weight Loss phase, where youll lose the most weight.

Every step of the way, were there with you providing dietary counseling and consultation. Well see you once a week for check-ups, but you can stop by our office any time you want. As we show you what your body is doing, youll begin to understand how and why you put on weightand why it has been so hard to take it off.

Youll transition from Active Weight loss to Transition, where appetite suppressants usually are removed. Now youre grasping the tools for long-term success. The final step will be Maintenance, where you can take full control of your weight and your lifestyle.

SafetyAs a program participant, you will be under the care and supervision of our Medical Director Dr. Lonny Green. Dr. Green is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Dr. Green, along with his expert team, will help devise an optimal weight loss plan that includes a thorough health exam and closely-monitored follow-up visits.

Personal CareYour plan will be based on your unique medical conditions, needs, and goals.

ControlLosing weight doesnt mean you should be hungry all the time! Success goes up when cravings go down. We can provide the extra help you deserve by prescribing FDA-approved appetite suppressants, as needed.

Holistic ApproachAchieving long-term weight loss is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. We combine education, nutrition, and exercise so you can keep the weight off for the long run.

SupportDrop in any day you like! Tell us how youre doing, review your meal plans, weigh in, obtain a metabolic-booster injection, or just visit! Our door is always open to you.

Customized ProgramsWe know that one size does not fit all. That is why we design a program that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Comprehensive EvaluationWe see you as a whole person. A range of medical issues can affect your weight loss, from hormonal imbalance to low energy, and they are all intertwined. We have the ability and expertise to investigate all contributing factors and devise an optimal program that sets you up for success.

Ongoing SupportWe are your weight loss partner for the long run, and we will be there when you need us. Everyone experiences ups and downs, but we will be ready to help whenever you need us.

Health History and TestingWe will perform a comprehensive medical exam, including your personal medical history, blood pressure test and body-fat analysis. These tests are done to customize the plan for your specific needs, and to ensure that the program is safe and effective.

Consultation and CounselingWe will review your results, discussing your unique needs and goals. Together, we will design a plan just for you, including dietary counseling and exercise. Prescription medications and/or appetite suppressants may be prescribed as indicated.

Post Follow-Up and MonitoringPeriodically, you will come to the office so that we can assess your progress, check your vitals, and make any necessary adjustments in your program or medications. We encourage you to drop in anytime to update us, do a weigh in, get a lipotropic injection, or just chat. Once you reach your weight loss goal, the frequency of visits will decrease.

Keeping it OffThe goal is to maintain a stable, healthy weight for the long-term. Throughout the process, we will help you train your mind and body, learn about healthy food choices, incorporate exercise into your everyday routine, and develop strategies to stay away from situations that may cause you to make poor choices.

Stage 1: Active Weight LossIn this stage, you will experience the most rapid weight loss as you put into action all the the knowledge you have gained about food groups, eating behaviors, and methods to increase your activity and burn more calories. To help you achieve maximum success, we will provide counseling, motivational tools and messages, appetite suppressants (as needed), nutritional supplements, and lipotropic fat-burning injections.

Stage 2: TransitionYou will learn ways to add different foods into your diet and reassess the tools you have used in Stage 1. Some tools will no longer be needed, while others may be added. The goal of this stage is to secure the knowledge and behaviors that will enable you to achieve long-term success.

Stage 3: MaintenanceYou will get the resources you need to do self-monitoring, and learn when to take corrective action if you find things are not going in the right direction. Your confidence will increase as you see yourself empowered and in charge.

If youve pinballed between every conceivable diet; if youve tried the pre-packaged foods from the infomercials, but gained the weight right back when you cooked your own food; if youre frustrated and wonder if you can even lose weight youre a good candidate to come see us at Rejuvenate MD and check out our customized medical weight loss program.

This isnt surgery. This isnt prepackaged food you are required to buy. This is a team of medical professionals guiding you through weight loss, transition, and enduring maintenance. This isnt a diet its medically supervised weight loss, and if youre ready to finally actually lose the weight for good, youre a good candidate for our plan.

Everyone that works here are wonderful, they explain all the programs in detail and made me feel good about myself and offered encouragement! Vikki Vale

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How does our medical weight loss at Rejuvenate MD differ from diets?

WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT!Mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee, or business owneryou have many roles to play. Your body is not the same as a mans, so your plan shouldnt be the same, either.

We tailor our programs for women to account for their unique needs. The personalized plans involve testing which include body-fat analysis, health history, and a thorough exam.

For more information on our weight loss plan in Glen Allen, click here.

We are aware of the unique obstacles and difficulties men face when it comes to losing weight, and we can help you devise a successful weight loss program tailored just for you!

Many factors influence weight gain, from dietary habits to lack of exercise. For men in particular, testosterone plays a key role. Dr. Lonny Green, medical director of Rejuvenate MD, will help you formulate a customized plan that will enable you to lose weight safely. After undergoing a comprehensive physical exam, we will assess your health needs and formulate a personalized weight loss plan with goals that you can achieve.

For more information on our weight loss plan in Glen Allen, click here.

How long you remain on our weight loss plan depends on your goals and, to a degree, perseverance. At Rejuvenate MD, were not about a quick fix. Were in this for the long haul with our patients. Thats why once you achieve your goals in the Active Weight Loss phase, we move you to a Transition phase to start you down the road to owning your weight and your health for good.

When youre at your target, you move to the Maintenance phase of the program. Now we give you the resources you need to monitor your own situation and make adjustments as you need. Youll have the understanding of how your body uses food and what it needs to be healthy and simply maintain your new weight. By this point, the goal is to have changed your routine to a mix of exercise, healthy eating, and a different outlook on food. Of course, well still be here, should you need additional advice or other help.

To learn more about customized weight loss programs, contact our office at804.270.5920to schedule your free consultation today!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient depending on customized plan, goals, current health and dietary needs.

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Weight Loss Glen Allen VA - Rejuvenate MD | HRT

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