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Posted: June 30, 2020 at 1:46 am

Weight Loss: Follow this Japanese technique called long breath diet. Raed on to know how to do the exercise.

Weight loss means healthy eating and physical workout every day without fail. However, there are certain tricks and tips that can help you to amp up the speed of your weight loss. Earlier we had talked about how you should know your body type and follow diet and workout accordingly, how you can follow bedtime rituals which can again aid in weight loss. Just like these two, today we are sharing a Japanese weight-loss hack. We had earlier shared the Japanese hack of the Hara Hachi Bu and Japanese Tabata exercise.

Today we are talking about another Japanese method called Long-Breath Diet and it was discovered by an actor named Miki Ryosuke. In this Japanese weight-loss method, you have to follow this two-minute long-breath diet and you can shed 10 to 13 kgs in a matter of few weeks. If you are thinking about what to eat in this diet then let me tell you that there is no food involved here and it is just a simple yet effective breathing technique.

So, how Mr Miki discovered this super cool and easy method? As per reports, Mr. Ryosuke was once struggling from back pain and he was prescribed some exercises by doctors for relief. After doing the exercises, he realized not only the exercises helped him to eliminate back pain but also helped him to lose 13 kilos in a few weeks.

This method involves inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for seven seconds. How it works? For the unversed, the fat contains oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen and when we breathe, the oxygen reaches fat cells and in turn, divides them into carbon and water. Basically, the more oxygen your body uses the more fat you burn.

How to do the 2-minute long-breath diet exercise?

Stand still with one leg put forward and the other one behind.

Now strain your buttocks and transfer your body weight to your back foot.

Slowly start inhaling for 3 seconds and also lift your arms above your head.

Now exhale forcefully for 7 seconds while you strain your body muscles.

Perform this exercise every day for 2 to 10 minutes.

Apart from weight loss, this exercise will also help you to strengthen body muscles and boost metabolism.

Check out this video to know more:

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Weight Loss: Follow THIS Japanese long breathing technique to lose weight - PINKVILLA

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