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Posted: September 25, 2020 at 9:56 pm

Along with tailored plans, Youth & Vitality offers body contouring therapy to eliminate stubborn fat. Sponsored by Youth & Vitality Weight Loss.

BELLEVUE, Wash. Many people are looking to shed extra pounds, but it can become increasingly difficult with age. Youth and Vitality Weight Loss Program Manager Demi Actis has worked for big names in the weight loss industry and consistently saw a sales over service mentality and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Thats where Youth and Vitality came from, Actis said. It was years of feedback, recommendations and obstacles that we have encountered and putting together something personal for each individual person.

Actis and her team provide one on one coaching, meal plans, food products to reduce cravings and supplements to boost weight loss. The overall plan is tailored to each persons body and specific needs for nutrition, which drives the success of the program.

As we have children and as we go through hormonal changes, our metabolic process completely changes, Actis said. How we approach losing the weight has to change along with it.

Another service Youth and Vitality provides is body contouring therapy. This red light therapy is one of the only natural methods for targeting weight loss to stubborn areas. The red light sends a natural signal to fat cells underneath the skin to open up and drain. This can stimulate weight loss in the stubborn stomach area and many other areas of the body.

Due to COVID-19, Youth and Vitality has broadened program offerings and now provides options for virtual weight loss.

We have had to completely adapt, Actis said. Over the last several months, we have perfected a remote program.

The various program options include fully remote, hybrid and entirely in-office. For the fully remote program, customers are sent a special scale to track important metrics at home, as well as any other necessary products, and coaching is done remotely. With the hybrid model, coaching is also done remotely, but customers go into the office for body contouring therapy.

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Weight loss customized for the one-and-only YOU - KING5.com

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