Weight loss: Could eating more be the key to losing more weight? Here’s why – Times of India

Posted: October 9, 2020 at 3:53 am

Weight loss is about calorie restriction and burning the excess ones. However, if you don't eat a well-balanced calorie diet, and end up eating too few calories (i.e. less food), you will be risking making major mistakes, including satiety, increased appetite, ruin metabolism, and most of all, feel dissatisfied. It could also make you experience bad cravings, be hangry and constantly cycle between overeating and undereating routines.

There's another reason as to why you might need to eat more, especially if you are on exercising intensively. If you exercise more than you need do, you are also draining away the energy sources (calories) which are needed to fuel the body. This condition is known as low-energy conservation mode, when your body goes into the extreme conservatory mode and depletes your metabolism, impacts other essential functions and worst of all, could make it harder to lose weight.

The same has been supported by a study too. According to a report mentioned in the New England Journal of Medicine, a controlled group of men who lost weight following extreme calorie cutting and restriction were at a higher risk for metabolic imbalances and hormonal disruptions. This was more evidently observed amongst women.

In fact, eating too little is not really the best way of eating. Experts have long suggested that unhealthy eating patterns are not suggestive of sustainable weight loss, and people who do follow extreme restrictive diets end up regaining all of the weight, in one form or the other.

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Weight loss: Could eating more be the key to losing more weight? Here's why - Times of India

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