Tyler Whitman From ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Reveals the One Big Weight Loss Move to Make for 2020 – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Posted: January 2, 2020 at 5:41 am

Tyler Whitman from Million Dollar Listing New York has some sage advice for the millions of people who are about to embark upon a new weight loss regimen for 2020.

Whitman, whose inspirational weight loss story gripped thousands of fans, started a health and wellness group on Facebook. He embraced the Whole30 nutrition program and invited fans to join him in his endeavors in November 2019. After successfully completing the month and seeing his group grow to close to 1,000 members, Whitman is starting a new effort and inviting more fans to join him.

Beginning in January, Whitman will once again hit the Whole30 program hard. He will continue to share video messages and interact with fans. Plus, hes going to be inviting special guests to appear throughout the month.

If there is anyone who knows and understands the immense struggles of weight loss, its Whitman. He dropped a staggering 200-plus pounds through weight loss surgery, but also by making smart food choices and exercise. What advice does he have for those who are serious about losing weight and getting healthy?

Whitman knows how frustrating weight loss can be and how some people throw in the towel if they slip up once on a health program. But he shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that it is important to know you can always do the next right thing. You know, one thing thats been really sticking out to me is this whole concept of just do the next right thing, you know, and you can start any time, he shared. You know, so many people are like, oh, Im going to start on Monday.

But you dont even have to wait until the next day, you can start the next meal, he continued. Its just about making that that the next great choice and knowing that sometimes along the way youre going to make wrong choices, but you dont have to take a hammer to the windshield.

He added, You just make the next right choice. And thats something that Im going over in my head over and over again because I am far from perfect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You know, I definitely have my moments where I am super healthy and Im super in the zone and Im super Im hitting all of my nutrition goals.

But whether its because of the holidays or just having an off day, Whitman admits he too can take a trip down junk food alley. I fall off the rails just like everybody else, he laughed. And I think its so easy for us to just get down and get depressed. You just need to stop and say, Im just going to do the next right thing. The next right thing for me is my next meal is going to be a healthy meal. Its really that simple.

He also wants to remind weight loss seekers that they are in control. Whitman knows that many people are constantly exploring their relationship with food, whether they want to gain or lose weight. He knows too that it is easy to get frustrated and view the journey to health and wellness as being very difficult.

However, Were all adults and are in control of what we put in our mouth, he remarked. He shared these thoughts with Whole30 founder Melissa Hartwigwho delivered some tough love on the subject.

Whitman shared a conversation he had with Hartwig. She said that people always say the Whole30 is hard, he recounted. [But she said] the Whole30 is not hard. You have 100% control over what youre putting in your mouth. Because you know whats hard? Cancer is hard. Or losing a loved one is hard. Losing a family member is hard. Going through a breakup is hard. What you eat is not that hard.

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