Try This Workout Finisher From 2016 Ultimate Men’s Health Guy Jedidiah Ballard – Men’s Health

Posted: August 31, 2017 at 5:40 pm

Among several other admirable qualities, Ballard proved to us that he is, as you would expect from a man bearing the title of Ultimate Mens Health Guy, a force in the gymand a creative one at that.

In the video above, watch Ballard demonstrate one of his favorite ways to empty his tank at the end of a workout.

Its a great finisher for the forearms and obliques, says the emergency medicine physician and U.S. Army Ranger. Every time you catch [the dumbbell], youre getting a strong contraction in your forearm, youre building up the [hand-eye] coordination a little bit; and, also, on that twisting motion, the oblique has to catch hard and switch around.

Ballard suggests picking up a dumbbell in the 3050-pound range for this one, and then going for anywhere between 5060 reps.

Once you get in the flow, speed it up, he says.

Just dont slack on form. Maintain a flat back throughout while keeping a slight bend in your knees. And focus on squeezing the dumbbell as tightly as you can each time you grab it to get the most out of your forearms.

Also, wear shoes.

Try This Workout Finisher From 2016 Ultimate Men's Health Guy Jedidiah Ballard - Men's Health

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