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Posted: February 5, 2020 at 8:48 am

Dietary Needs

As we enter 2020, the issue of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) continues to be a dark cloud that hangs over the dog food sector. And while U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigators have been unable to find a causal relationship between DCM and dog foods rich in legumes or potatoes, the DCM impact will not likely to go away any time soon.

As scientists search for answers, dog food manufacturers are doing their own research on recipes and how to give consumers what they want in a diet that delivers proper nutrition to their dogs. And thats something that crosses all pet categories; balanced nutrition.

Whether the pets in question are corgis, collies, goldfish, gobies, hedgehogs, mice, cockatiels, finches, bearded dragons or turtles, diet is of optimal importance to their well-being, and not all animals are equal when it comes to nutrition. Thanks to transparency and the clean label trend, todays consumers want to know specifics on the sourcing of ingredients. Theyre looking for such terms as human-grade and organic, and theyre gravitating toward foods that are free of artificial additives and preservatives.

While there is a lot of variety to diets for dogs and cats, those for reptiles, small animals, birds and aquatic livestock are more specified based on the specific species of animal. When it comes to reptiles, brands are offering specially formulated diets, including commercially raised insects that are fed a high quality dietknown as gut-loadedbefore being fed to the companion pet to ensure its dietary needs are being met.

Among small animals, rabbits and chinchillas are fibrevores while ferrets are obligatory carnivores, so consumers obviously cannot expect them all to flourish on the same diet. And the lifestyle of companion birds are far different than that of their wild brethren, thus their diets should not be identical.

And the diets among aquatic livestock might be the most complex of all, as there are thousands of species being kept as pets. Not only does a fish require certain nutritional needs to be met for it to remain healthy, its diet will determine whether it will be able to reproduce.

Stella & Chewys Freeze-Dried Dinners

Formulated to mirror the best nutrition for pets. Stella & Chewys starts with responsibly sourced animal proteins (cage-free poultry, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish), with no added hormones or antibiotics, and add wholesome fruits and vegetables. These freeze-dried dinners are complete and balanced, and they are 90 to 95 percent meat, organs and bones. They are made with no grains, are gluten-free and include probiotics to support digestion.


WellnessCORERawRev recipes give pet parents a convenient way to addrawprotein to their dogs diet. Available in four recipes:OriginalDebonedTurkey, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal;OceanWhitefish, Herring Meal & Salmon Meal; Small BreedOriginal Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal; andPuppyDeboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal.

Versele-Laga Complete Small Animal Food

Containing all nutritional elements, this complete, high-tech all-in-one extruded small animal food has an industry-leading palatability and prevents selective eating. Based on advanced scientific insights, the composition is tailored to pets to keep them in top form. Available for rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, degus, ferrets and more.

ZIWI Peak Pet Food

ZIWIPeakall-natural recipes use a slow andgentleair-drying method to eliminate pathogenic bacteria which preserving the nutrition of the raw ingredients. ZIWI Peaks proteins are100 percent free-range, grass-fed and grass-finished, ensuring the companys recipes are free from added growth hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

Purina Oyster Strong System

Purinas Organic layer feed for chickens now includes the exclusive Oyster Strong System, meaning all the calcium hens need to stay healthy and lay strong-shelled eggs is included in the bagno supplements needed. Purina Organic layer feed is available in crumbles or pellets.

Tiki Cat Raw

Tiki Cat Raw offers cats complete and balanced nutrition with the soft texture cats prefer. The single-protein formulas come in hermetically sealed food-safe tubs and are available in ground chicken or turkey plus liver options.

Hills Science Diet Youthful Vitality

The Hills Science Diet Youthful Vitality formula contains ingredients that provide key nutrients important for aging cats (7 years old and older) to support brain function, energy and vitality, a healthy digestive system, luxurious fur and coat and healthy kidneys and bladder. It is available in chicken & rice recipe for dry food and tasty canned varieties in chicken, tuna and salmon.

Sunseed SunSations Natural Parakeet Formula

Sunseed SunSations Parakeet is a natural diet with a variety of grains, seeds, pellets and specialty ingredients. Containing over 10 percent veggies, fruits and nuts, its the Sunthing Special that birds need and pet parents expect. What people wont find in SunSations are artificial colors and preservativesjust natural, delicious nutrition and foraging fun.


FEGNIONs biologically appropriate recipes consist of high-quality, fit-for-human consumption, single-species meat protein, raw bones and organs, sprinkled with minerals, vitamins and other trace nutrients. The products are free of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, artificial colors, flavors, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. The single-species meat recipes come frozen and are available in chicken, turkey and rabbit.

Farmina N&D Rawcan

Farmina Pet Food N&D Rawcan is a one-step, gently steamed GMO-free wet food incorporating the highest quality European ingredients. Every formula is complete and precisely filled into BPA-free cans using a proprietary six-stage fill system so every can is nutritionally identical. All recipes are free of guar, xanthan, cassia, carrageenan and all industrial gums, and they have no water added for processing.

Grandma Maes Country Naturals

Grandma Maes Country Naturals has five new pts and three new slices in gravy canned cat formulas. Grain-free, carrageenan-free and non-GMO. All of the new formulas are supplemented with DL-methionine to promote and maintain urinary tract health.

ZuPreem PastaBlendZuPreems line of daily pet bird food has fun pasta shapes and natural colors. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals birds need every day for good health and is available in three pellet sizes for medium birds, parrots and conures and large companion birds.

Betta Worm Shaped Bites

Tetra Betta Worm Shaped Bites is a nutritionally complete worm-shaped food specifically tailored to the needs of bettas and other labyrinth fish. Designed to imitate the size, shape and color of natural bloodworms, the food floats on the waters surface to appeal to bettas by enticing their natural instinct to hunt.


Petcureans GO! SOLUTIONS wet food collection includes 14 premium recipes for dogs and cats. Packaged in sustainable, recyclable and re-closeable Tetra Pak cartons, these pocket-sized packs of solutions-based nutrition provide functional wet food recipes for unique dietary needs, including picky eating, dandruff or dull coat and food sensitivities. Petcurean is currently the only company to offer the distinct textures of shredded, minced and pate, plus stews.

Timberline Reptile Lunch Box

Timberlines Lunch Box contains 24-plus fresh, maintenance-free crickets boxed up and ready to go on the retail shelf. The packaging of each Lunch Box is clear plastic, so retailers and customers can see whats inside without having to worry about escapees. Each Lunch Box comes clearly marked with a born on date, allowing for seven days of shelf life, and customers get approximately seven days of home use, often more.

RAWZ Meal Free Dry Cat Food

RAWZ Meal Free Dry Cat Food is a minimally processed, rendered-free, dry food for cats. The first seven ingredients are real protein. It contains no added rendered chicken fat, and there is no added water. The diet offers a high-protein, low-carb, moderate-fat food for cats. The food is produced in small batches, and 100 percent of profits are donated to charity.

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