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Posted: September 29, 2020 at 7:55 am

While exercising is a sure shot method to keep your weight under control, it might be not physically possible for new mothers to engage in workouts. They are recommended to rest and prevent any strain, which rules out the possibility of exercising for a few weeks at least. Pregnancy leads to weight gain and zero physical activity might make you put on more weight after delivery. In order to keep a check on your weight and manage it well, here are a few tips you can use, if you are a new mum dealing with weight issues. Avoid skipping mealsSkipping meals is the worst mistake people commit while trying to lose weight. It is a general notion that reducing the intake will help in shedding pounds but it does quite the opposite. When you keep your body hungry by skipping important meals of the day, your body's metabolism slows down. This process not only extracts more fat from the limited food you eat but also stores it in the body, leading to further weight gain. Portion control What can be done instead is portion control. Instead of eliminating a meal from your day, you can customize the meals according to the nutrition need. You can easily include four different meals in your diet if you plan them judiciously throughout the day. Eating food in a controlled manner will have a much better effect on your body in terms of weight loss, than skipping food. You must contact your nutritionist to help you chalk out a diet chart to suffice the daily requirement of nutrition, along with portion control. Ditch sugar and refined carbsSugar ridden and fried foods must be struck off your diet list especially after giving birth. During this time your body needs proper nutrients such as vitamins, fibre and minerals, which can be easily extracted from healthy foods. Desserts, sodas and oily food can not only add to your body weight but also negatively affect your health post delivery. Cravings are a common thing after pregnancy, which can be satiated through either substitutes or by having desserts in tiny quantities. Grab enough sleepMost people disregard the linkage of sleep with our body weight. A proper sleeping pattern is not only important to charge you up but also keep a number of health issues at bay. It is a proven truth that sleep deprived moms have a harder time losing baby fat than those who are able to grab enough sleep.

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Tips to ditch post pregnancy weight without exercising - Times of India

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