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Posted: February 21, 2020 at 11:41 pm

According to a recent publication, the drug Lorcaserin (Belviq, Belviq XR) has been withdrawn by its pharmaceutical manufacturing company Eisai after an FDA warning declared that there is a possibility that the drug may increase a person's risk of cancer . According to the FDA, Belviq apparently failed to pass a recent health test, and the agency requested the withdrawal of the drug shortly after passing that warning. In addition, the FDA also stated that because of this, there is a possibility that anyone who is using the medication has a greater chance of developing cancer in the future. By an updated statement released by the FDA, agency officials noted that when initially "Lorcaserin approved in 2012, (they) required the drug manufacturer to conduct a clinical trial to assess the risk of cardiovascular problems." However, a failed safety test is sufficient for the FDA to classify the drug as unsafe, immediately requesting its withdrawal from the market before it can potentially harm people who just wanted to lose weight. "A variety of cancers were reported, with several different types of cancers that occur most frequently in the lorcaserin group, including pancreatic, colorectal and pulmonary," the FDA said. In addition, the FDA also advised people to dispose of the medication (safely, of course) if they are already taking it. The best way to do this is to simply deliver them to an official medication return location.However, if the person cannot access a medication recovery site or is not near one, they can still get rid of the medication by mixing the tablets with an unattractive substance (such as dirt), sealing this mixture in a box or in a bag, and then safely throw the sealed mixture into the trash can.As for experts and health professionals, the FDA warned them to simply stop recommending the medication. They were also advised to immediately contact anyone they know who uses the medication because of their recommendation. The pill is just one of the many options that people take today when they need help to lose weight. Diet pills have been surrounded by a long time of controversy. However, with thorough research and careful choice, proper diet pills can help you lose weight and do it quickly. Here are 14 of the best Keto compatible weight loss pills on Amazon. Gundula Vogen / Pixabay. (TagsToTranslate) fda (t) lorcarserin (t) belviq (t) diet pill (t) withdrawal (t) medication (t) weight loss (t) cancer risk (t) insecure (t) safety test (t) ) statement (t) pharmaceutical company (t) eisai

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This weight loss pill may increase your risk of cancer - NewsDio

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