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Posted: January 20, 2020 at 3:44 am


In 2019, British singer Adele has gone through a messy divorce with her husband Simon Konecki. According to her, he often criticized the star in her appearance and spoke about the disadvantages of the actress. So when Adele lost a lot of weight, among the fans there was no doubt so positive she was influenced by the breakup with her husband.

In January 2019, Adele said she was leaving the stage. Look for details in the story:

But some fans began to sound the alarm, because thinner Adele was sickly. But do not worry, Adeles no health problems. According to People, the singer did not set myself a goal to get rid of extra pounds. She just decided to radically take care of your health and set the correct mode of life. But the key to losing weight played diet British star uses products that reduce the calorie content by 20%.

Thinner Adele

At some point, she realized that she doesnt feel well. She knew that she wants something to change in order to be a healthy mother for her son Angelo. During weight loss the sole purpose of Adele was to become healthier. This was never about losing pounds for the sake of beauty, he told insiders.

Recall, 31-year-old Adele on his page on Instagram has made a publication where he spoke about the difficulties she has faced in her life.

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The reason is not divorced: why Adele is rapidly losing weight - The Times Hub

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