The Obesity Nightmare

Posted: March 21, 2019 at 11:44 am

this past weekend i debuted my most favorite cosplay to date - faith herbert

faith is the very first female superhero i have ever seen who is not only funny, compassionate, headstrong, vulnerable, nerdy, and cute, but she is FAT! it all started with issue nine of harbinger, and a variant with her flying in the sky took me by surprise as i was picking up my regular comics and i thought this has to be joke, this is just too good to be truebut there it was, a girl who looked like me was being taken seriously and i fell in love with her.

the series went on and i met the writer for harbinger ( joshua dysart ) at a con and cried when i thanked him for faith. i expressed how much it meant for me to see a fat girl be the hero for once, and he and i have been pals ever since. harbinger eventually ended and when i found out that faith was getting HER OWN SERIES!, i flipped. jody has done such a fantastic job writing faith in this new monthly, and it was such a joy being with those two great writers at wondercon this past weekend.

and i have to say again, while i desperately wish that faith wasnt white, ill take her, she just means so much to me. i hope to see more fat women in the pages of comics being represented this positively (like penny rolle!), not just for me, but for fat people who are just getting into comics AND for the longtime readers. we deserve this kind of representation.

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The Obesity Nightmare

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