Stop worrying about diets and detoxes: here’s how to be ‘healthy enough’ –

Posted: January 16, 2020 at 11:44 am

January is a time when our thoughts turn to our drinking habits, detoxes and whether we should be inhaling so much coffee.

As is human nature, we tend to overreact, setting ourselves drastic new health plans full ofstrict rules surrounding sugar, caffeine and carbs. No wonder that come the third week of January, we're collectively staring down the barrel of Quitter's Day Sunday the 19th this year when we're said to be most likely to give up on our resolutions.

Instead of chasing after tough goals, how aboutbecoming just healthy enough? Find a relaxed, intuitive and sustainable way of eating and exercising that doesnt require a huge amount of effort but, crucially, will still keep your health ticking over nicely. Here's how...

January diets are all about giant leaps forward, but when it comes to eating healthily, its the small steps in the right direction that keep you healthy, says dietitian Helen Bond. So rather than imposing strict rules on yourself, just eat these five food groups every day: high fibre wholegrain carbs, which will give you energy and feed your gut microbiome; a colourful mix of fruits and vegetables; something green with every meal; protein, whether its meat or plant-based;a little fat and oil. And drink enough water so your urine is a pale straw colour.

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Stop worrying about diets and detoxes: here's how to be 'healthy enough' -

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