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Posted: November 18, 2019 at 4:52 am

Fitness for many is a difficult journey especially when trying to focus on one particular area - such as belly fat- and getting little result.

Exercise and diet both play a crucial role in ensuring you get the results you want.

For so many of us, there are two major factors that prevent us from getting a workout in: time and space,Grincerisaid.

Scheduling time to work out is one thing that takes a lot of organisation and dedication, but finding the physical space to work out should be a no-brainer.

For most, finding the time to go to the gym, especially once winter is in full swing, can be extremely difficult.

Withblastsof cold weather, motivationcandrop and gym membershipsgoto waste, butGrinceriexplained you can do a simple belly fat burning exercise from the comfort of ones home.


He said: Working outdoesnt require a huge studio, a spacious backyard, or even the need to move your furniture around, he said.

According to Grinceri, there are four essential moves that use gliders and light ankle weights that each target the core and can be doneina teeny tiny apartment.

These are the top four moves recommended bythefitness specialist.

1. Torso Twist

Angelo Grinceri said: With light ankle weights on, tap right toe in front and put hands behind your head.

Pull belly button in towards the spine as you lift leg up to a soccer kick and rotate torso before bringing to starting position.

Lean body back after restarting each repetition. Repeat 8times on both sides.

2. Rotation Lift

Take one arm straight out at a diagonal and opposite leg out to the side. Lift knee as you squeeze abs, bringing arm to knee and twisting.

Lift and reach back to starting position. Repeateighttimes on both sides, he explained.

3. V-Up

Angelo recommended a V-up as one of the moves a slimmer should do to ensure natural belly fat burning to occur.

He said: Starting on your butt with legs out in a V-position. Lean back and lift knees up slowly as you squeeze core tight before bringing legs back down. Repeateighttimes.

4. Plank Hover

Start in a plank position with both feet on one glider, keeping abs tight and elbows in line with shoulders.

Shift chest forward, bringing it in front of elbows before returning to starting position. Repeateighttimes.

Angelo trained at theGreys Institute of Physiotherapy alongside doctors; armed with the knowledge of how each tiny muscle connects to the bone and how each joint moves. He trained here with his childhood friendStephen Pasterino and founder of the method.

Hisapproach to health and wellness is all about longevity and preparation. He believes we should participate in exercise that prepares the body for all of lifes daily requirements, mainly ones that improve how well we get from place to place (such as walking!)Angelo uses his background in human performance and pilates to stimulate and tone every muscle in the body while challenging balance and coordination.

Angelo regularly treats fans to workout videos and fitness images on his personal Instagram.

As a teenager, he became obsessed with bodybuilding. He lifted heavy weights with basic movement patterns, never stretched, and subsequently felt terrible, with back pain. So he then reviewed his fitness lifestyle and started to replace every piece of it with a more holistic option.

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Star fitness specialist gives his top tips on burning belly fat without going to the gym - Express

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