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Posted: October 21, 2020 at 12:51 am

A Lincoln Slimming World Consultant has lost an impressive two stone after feeling like a failure teaching her class.

Katie Cowie admits she fell into a negative eating cycle of takeaways washed down with cheap pints while studying for a degree at Bishop Grossteste University.

However, desperate to be a mum, she joined Slimming World, and shed three-and-half stone before giving birth to two little girls, now aged nine and five.

She also worked her way up to be a Slimming World consultant leading a group at Brant Road.

However, while she was helping others lose weight, she neglected her own diet and soon found herself unhappy with how she looked.

The 35-year-old, who also attends on at Moorlands Social Club, admits she was inspired to act as she felt ashamed stood at the front of her class.

She said: I originally lost three-and-a-half stone to become a consultant.

I adored the changes I had made and how fit and healthy I became.

I trained hard at my running and was so proud to complete the Great North Run in September 2017.

After that, I let my exercise slip. I got back into really bad habits. Takeaways and bad food choices.

Gradually over the last few years Id put my weight back on.

Being a consultant and also team developer and standing up in front of hundreds of members each week was awful when I hated myself.

I felt like a failure. I felt like I was letting my members down and that I was an embarrassment.

Despite admitting to indulging during the first half of lockdown, the North Hykeham mum-of-two decided to use the pandemic restrictions to get the weight off.

She said: When we went into lockdown and I lived an all-inclusive life-style for the first half.

Then one day something clicked, I spoke to a good friend, who is also a Slimming World member, and together we decided to quit the booze.

This was a massive thing for me as I love a drink. Alongside this I embraced food optimising and fell back in love with Slimming World.

It wasnt long before the pounds started falling - and Mrs Cowie has now lost two stone in little over three months.

She said: I began to lose weight each week and in 11 weeks I had lost 1.5 stone. I then went onto lose a further half a stone to get my 2 stone award.

Although Im back drinking, I do this now in moderation.

Mrs Cowie now says can return to her job not feeling embarrassed.

I feel like a new woman. My confidence is back, I dont feel like a fraud anymore doing a job I love, she said.

On my first night back at group I welcomed 28 new members. The majority had followed my story of losing weight and wanted to feel as amazing as I do.

It has also helped her feel better at home.

She said: I have two daughters and setting good examples to them is paramount.

We all enjoy the same foods, spaghetti bolognese, chilli, Sunday roasts and curries.

They are so proud of the changes Ive made and are always on the door step clapping me when Ive got back from a run.

She added: Ive fallen back in love with running and now run about 15 to 20k each week.

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Mrs Cowie runs the St Columbas Church Centre, Brant Road Wednesday group.

The St Columbas Church CentreSlimmingWorldgroup is held every Wednesday from 4pm until 8pm.

The group is back up and running and is completely covid safe.

To join or find out more call Katie on 07540580435.

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