Should You Exercise On An Empty Stomach? Here’s What The Experts Say –

Posted: June 30, 2020 at 8:47 pm

When exercising in a fasted state, the body has to rely on fat storage for energy, Ivy explains. So many people believe fasted cardio could help decrease body fat more efficiently. However, registered dietitian and author of The Sports Nutrition Guidebook Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., CSSD, says that's not necessarily true.

Running on empty may cause a person to burn 300 calories of fat, Clark says, but if they come home and eat an 800-calorie meal, they haven't really lost anything. "Burning fat does not equate to losing body fat," she tells mbg.

Exercising first thing in the morning does, however, take advantage of certain hormonal changes that occur during the early hours, Ivy says. Things like low insulin levels and elevated testosterone levels can help the body burn stored fat, he explains.

Elite athletes may engage in fasted cardio a few times a week to build mental toughness and enhance their fat burning capacity, Clark says, but it's not necessary or all that beneficial for a recreational athlete.

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Should You Exercise On An Empty Stomach? Here's What The Experts Say -

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