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Posted: December 27, 2020 at 8:56 am

Ray Wetterlund III, La Jollas celebrity personal trainer, has spent over the past decade spreading his passion for fitness, health and inspiring the world. His award winning 1000+ calorie burning RW3 Boot Camps are part of the reason he was voted La Jollas best personal trainer and La Jollas best weight loss by La Jolla Village News Reader for consecutive years. As seen on all major media outlets. Notably known for his weekly TV show with Fox5 San Diego Abs Made In The Kitchen.

Ray says, we have always heard the word health and fitness. We use it ourselves when we say phrases like health is wealth and fitness is the key. What does the word health really mean? It implies the idea of being well. We call a person healthy and fit when he/she function well physically as well as mentally. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place. Exercise can be a great way to lift your mood and improve your ability to deal with stress. When you exercise, your body often feels more relaxed and calm.

Your health is at the center of your life. Every part of your life relies on you having good health. You cannot climb higher in all the other seven areas of your life if you do not have enough physical energy to devote to each of them. Your energy level is a reflection of your overall health and wellbeing. The more energy you have, the more you will get done in your day and life. We all have the same amount of time in the day, so the difference between us can only be the energy we bring into each aspect of our life. A person stays happier when he/she is fit and healthy. A fit and healthy person is less prone to chronic diseases. The healthy mind reacts better in a pressure situation. The self-confidence of a person is increased.

He says If you need willpower to do something, you dont really want to do it, says Ray. Instead, think about exercise in terms of why were doing it and what we want to get from physical activity. How can I benefit today? How do I feel when I move? How do I feel after I move? A workout doesnt have to take an hour, says Wetterlund. A well-structured 15-minute workout can be really effective if you really are pressed for time. As for regular, longer sessions, he says: You tell yourself youre going to make time and change your schedule accordingly.

Include fruits, vegetables, grain products, leafy greens, salmon, etc. in your diet.Adding fruits and vegetables is an ideal basis to start a healthy routine.

Drinking a lot of water keeps muscles and joints working, increases the amount of water in your blood, promotes healthy skin and cardiovascular health and helps cleanse toxins from your body.

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a persons determination.

We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do for us. Its important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling large distances on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active. With daily exercise and proper diet, a person can achieve good health and fitness. It not only makes the person happy but also makes him/her free of stress and worries Ray quoted.

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Ray Wetterlund III : You're only one workout away from a good mood - Thrive Global

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