Question about keto and metformin?

Posted: October 4, 2019 at 12:43 pm

Hi all,

I'm still new to this way of eating and I was wondering whether it is a good idea to take metformin whilst trying to go fully keto (<20g net carbs)? I understand that nobody on here is a doctor and I do have an appointment coming up where I'll discuss it with my GP, but I'd just like people's opinons in the meantime.

Basically, I'm taking 3000mg metformin per day (1000mg after breakfast, lunch and dinner) to treat PCOS, as prescribed by my doctor. When I was still eating high-carb I could really feel the difference as the metformin stopped the energy crash I would get after a meal. It also helped me break a weight-loss plateau I'd been trying to get off for a while. My understanding of how it worked was that my body was normally insulin resistant, so it had to produce extra insulin in order to process the sugar/carbs I ate. Taking the metformin helps my body respond normally to the insulin, so it only needs a normal amount to process the sugar/carbs. Now, if I go keto my body should transition to the point where it gets its energy from fats instead of carbs, right? So if I carry on taking the metformin, what effect will it have? Am I at risk of low blood sugar if I carry on taking it when my blood sugar would be pretty low anyway from eating keto?

Any ideas/comments would be great!

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Question about keto and metformin?

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