People Who Have Cheated Once Are More Likely to Cheat Again, Says New Study – Men’s Health

Posted: August 18, 2017 at 4:40 am

The researchers found that people who reported cheating in their first relationship were more than three times likely to report being unfaithful in their second relationship than people who didnt cheat. (Here are seven things other than sex that she counts as cheating.)

As for those who were cheated on? When people knew their partner was cheating in their first relationship, they were more than two times likely to report infidelity in their second relationship than those who never experienced an unfaithful partner.

Unfortunately, their finding is backed up by past research, too. One 2016 study found that among people who had cheated in former relationships, 30 percent cheated on their current partners. Thats compared to only 13 percent of those who had never been unfaithful at all.

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But does that really mean a cheater can never change? Not necessarily. Both studies note that while cheating once may make someone more likely to do it again, it doesnt necessarily prove that they actually will. When you look at the 2016 study, a full 70 percent of people didnt stray in their new relationship.

So, should you really trust a former two-timer?

Whether your partner cheated on you or someone in the past, you need to discuss the infidelity, Frank Dattilio, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist based in Allentown, Pa. recently told Mens Health.

If they brush it off, thats a red flagand a big sign that they dont value faithfulness and trust. But if they come clean and acknowledge how terrible it was? Thats a sign he or she takes it just as seriously as you do, and that they may deserve the chance for a fresh start.

If you end up on the other end of things, heres exactly whenand howto tell your partner you cheated.

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People Who Have Cheated Once Are More Likely to Cheat Again, Says New Study - Men's Health

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