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Posted: June 18, 2015 at 8:42 pm

A Comprehensive Approach

New York Methodist offers a weight management program for adults that's customized to each patient's individual health needs and lifestyles. What makes this program different from other weight management programs is that each patient is guided by a board-certified physician and qualified team whose recommendations come specifically from the patient's needs and health risks.

The comprehensive weight management program is built on the belief that excess weight and related health risks are best managed through a partnership between a patient, the patient's family, and their healthcare team. New York Methodist has partnered with MetroFit to provide you with a health care team made up of board-certified internists, bariatric surgeons, endocrinologists, registered nurses, behavioral health counselors, psychologists, registered dietitians, and fitness trainers.

Interested in a weight management program for children? We have that too. Learn more about the pediatric weight management program here.

First, the prospective participant is either referred to the program by a primary physician or takes the initiative to ask for more information and/or make an initial appointment by calling 718.780.6212.

Patients are asked to complete this lifestyle survey and bring it along for the first appointment. The completed survey will provide the healthcare team with necessary information, allowing them to start designing a useful and personal program, specific to the patient's life, habits, and needs.

Every patient receives a full health exam during the first visit. The physician may refer a patient for additional specialized testing if necessary. After the exam, the physician and patient discuss program components which include the following:

A registered dietitian reviews the patient's medical, family, social, and diet history. S/he then devises an individualized diet plan, working with food preferences, habits, and lifestyle, to create a balanced and healthy eating plan to encourage weight loss. The dietitian is available for regular follow-up consultation, which is encouraged.

Fitness is encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participants are required to join one of the fitness plans. Our certified fitness trainer will customize a plan to be carried out under supervised conditions. Private and group sessions are available.

A licensed counselor conducts a psychological evaluation. The counselor discusses various factors that may or may not influence eating disorders and patient participation in the program.

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