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Posted: November 22, 2020 at 1:58 am

Here we will learn about the main reasons that cause flatulence problems the most. We all are troubled by the problem of flatulence. This happens due to many different reasons. Of these, 4 main reasons are

Change in hormones-Hormonal changes in the body affect our mood as well as the digestive system. Especially if our sleep-wake and eating and drinking time are not fixed, the disturbance of hormones is highest. Due to this, the problem of flatulence has to be faced again and again. If you are troubled by the problem of flatulence, then be sure to take care of your hormones once.

Ovary cancer The problem of frequent bloating can also be caused by cancer in Owerri. This is because when ovary cancer is developing, it is affecting your digestion. But the problem is that ovary cancer usually diagnoses very late. Everything you need to know about the problem of PCOD Early signs of intestinal cancer

What is the reason for frequent flatulence?

Autoimmune disorder Due to autoimmune disorders, the cells of their body start damaging other healthy cells of their own body. A similar disease is Celiac disease, because of which a person often has stomach pain. There is fatigue all the time and weight starts decreasing rapidly without any effort.

-It is usually those who are allergic to gluten found in wheat. After eating wheat, barley and foods made from them such as pasta, maggi, buns, bread, etc., these people get flatulence. According to your age, only doctors can suggest a solution to this problem. Home remedies to get rid of sour belching, will remove throat irritation problemIrritable bowel syndromeIrritable bowel syndrome and IBS is a problem in which there is no problem with your digestive system. But due to the very sensitive bacteria of your intestines, you have to face the problem of flatulence. However, there can be many other symptoms and causes as well. IBS is not responsible for colorectal cancer and changes in intestinal tissueBody Pain After Exercise: Get relief from muscle aches after exercise


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Not only obesity, but these 4 common reasons also cause bloating again and again - Pledge Times

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