Not Losing Weight on the HCG Diet – Part 1 –

Posted: October 12, 2019 at 6:44 pm

Sometimes I get this question from individuals on their first round of HCG Injections they are a bit panicked because they have not lost weight, or very little weight, in the past few days, or perhaps even in the past week.

Are you in a dreaded stall? Why arent you losing weight every day? If you are one those people whose emailed me about this- dont feel bad- I understand that its hard to know what to expect from this protocol at first, and of course you want the best results possible, so I figured a couple articles were

There are some basic things to ask yourself first,then well get to the most common reason for small or no weightloss on certain days or periods of days when youre really doing everything right (which Ill just give you a tidbit now: Its actually totally normal and all a part of the process).

If so your dose may be off and from what Ive seen, this can affect weight loss. See my post on finding the best dose of hCG for you.

This probably seems like a silly question to ask, but I DO get questions from people asking about little weight loss and I come to find out they have been cheating frequently with little morsels here and there. On other diets that may not be an issue. (no judgment here tho k!) Read on.

One thing I must make clear about the diet plan- you will EASILY lose nothing or even GAIN weight on the scale from VERY small cheats on the diet (and if that doesnt tell you that this hormoneisnt a placebo I dont know what does!) This is not to say you must never go over the 500 calorie limit, because many of us do at least on occasion- but the idea is to eat to hunger and make sure not to consume fats/oils- if you are eating past hunger on the VLCD on occasions or including fats and oils, weight loss can easily be affected. Dont ask me how but its like the hormonesomehow takes a simple banana and turns it into a half pound gain on the scale- would you normally gain half a pound from eating a banana? Of course not! Thats so silly. And yet on hCG, the combo of calories and how they interact with our body is totally different than regular life. I wish I could give you the scientific reason for why this is, but I honestly have no idea- I just know it does from the results that are often seen from cheating.

So dont underestimate the bad results that can be experienced from cheating on the diet.

Im not saying exercising is bad on the weight loss protocol at all. I do believe however that some will be able to do so successfullyand some wont.

Youll need to figure out which body you have in this regard. Check out my detailed info on Exercise and the hCG Diet here.

Good indicators that exercise on hCG is not for you?

Feeling very fatigued/weak/tired on the protocol, needing to eat too much more, and having intense food cravings.

If you are not in good health due to adrenal fatigue or thyroid issues, this may be you. Coming from a background of chronic illnesses, while Im much healthier now than I was, my autoimmune conditions are still there in my body, just on a lower level. When I have tried to exerciseon the protocolin my 4th round (which for me was going to Crossfit 2xs my first week of VLCD), I had pronounced fatigue and tiredness that lead to pronounced food cravings, which obviously food cravings and 500 calories does NOT mix well. Additionally that was the only round that my weightloss stopped dead most of that first week, which is very abnormal usually. I have to expand on that a bit though because weight loss being slow due to exercise doesnt necessarily mean youre not losing fat- but in my case, combined with how I was feeling on the diet, I could tell it wasnt a good thing for me to do.

I have spoken with others however in better health who have managed to exercise on the protocoland feel good and continue to lose weight normally. But if you dont do well with exercise on the protocol, you could find it affecting your weight loss. If nothing else, it wouldnt hurt too much to take a few days or even a whole week off just to compare right?

Im just laying it all out there. hCG is no time to get prudish! :)- A build up of poo = a little extra weight inside you for a few days.

Its very common and normal to experience less frequent bowel movements on the protocol, especially as the days wear on- this is totally normal since you are only eating 500 calories each day- theres a lot less going in, so makes sense that theres going to be a lot less that needs to come out too right? Less frequent bowel movements is not the same thing as actual constipation, although constipation can also be a common temporary of side effect while being on human chorionic gonadotropin. So. If you go 3 days without fully using the restroom, you may find that this correlates to having a smaller loss or no loss on the scale for those days- in fact, have you ever had a larger bowel movement finally after such a time, then had a big loss on the scale the next day? Its no coincidencenow that youre fully grossed out,

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For reason #5, which is actually the #1 reason check out: The Most Likely Reason for stalls or not losing weight while on hCG..

Check out this hCGers additional tips on enhancing weight loss while on hCG (or at least making sure youre not unknowingly screwing it up!)

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Not Losing Weight on the HCG Diet - Part 1 -

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