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Posted: December 5, 2019 at 8:50 am

My 600-lb Life is always an emotional journey for the participants, Dr. Now, and the viewers of the TLC hit. Season 7 earlier this year saw some heartrending stories, including the tragic end of Kellys positive weight-loss journey with her sudden death. But it was not all bad. Annjeannette Whaley and the couple Vianey and Allen have found a new lease in life thanks to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Ahead of a new season of My 600-lb Life in 2020, youre probably wondering about the progress of these once morbidly obese patients. So weve got an update on Annjeannette Whaley and Vianey & Allen since their stint on My 600-lb Life.

Oregon native, Annjeannette Whaley (born May 1988), was living in San Diego, California when she made her way to Houston seeking Dr. Nows help. Tipping the scales at 679 pounds, she has been struggling to overcome her food addiction since she was a child.

In fact, a campaign was organized when she was nine to send her to fat camp. To come on the show, her widowed father and former drug dealer, Jack Whaley had to raise funds to pay for half of his flight ticket to Houston while TLC covered the other half. We not only learn that Jack wasnt much of a provider, but also that his wife died of a drug overdose.

Also with Annjeannette was her girlfriend, Erica Andino. Annjeannette depended on Erica to take care of her. But during their episode we see her acknowledge that her girlfriend was her toxic enabler and broke up with her.

Coming to terms with the issues she had with her father and girlfriend helped Annjeannette immensely. By the end of the episode, she was down to 405lbs, shedding more than 200lbs to get there.

In October 2019, it had been a year since Dr. Now helped her get her life and weight under control. Her personal Instagram and Facebook profiles have been set to private since she moved to Houston, but she now has a Facebook page which she regularly updates.

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And it seems Annjeannette Whaley has been marvelously successful in losing weight. While its not known how many pounds she has shed, shes almost unrecognizable in her recent pictures and her personality is shining through. Whaley has confirmed she will appear on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? In 2020 where well finally known how much weight she has lost.

When Annjeannettes episode initially aired in April, she had posted pictures on social media with Erica, indicating they had reconciled. But those photos have been deleted and the status of their relationship is unclear.

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Husband and wife from Chicago, Vianey & Allen bonded over their shared love of food. Together they enabled each others food addiction till they were morbidly obese.

While Vianey weighed 594 lbs her husband Allen was at peak weight of 648 lbs when they came to Dr. Now. The celebrity gastric bypass surgeon was able to get their weights and their codependency issues on the right track.

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Allen succeeds in getting the live-saving surgery and by the end of the episode, he was down to 376 lbs.

Vianeys weight loss wasnt without hitches though. She had successfully lost 120 lbs and qualified for the gastric sleeve. But when she almost died on the table, Dr. Now cancels her surgery.

Vianey was initially disheartened. But with Allens encouragement and Dr. Nows help, shes able to lose 226lbs in the year that she spent in Houston.

The couple have their own Facebook page too where they are sharing before and after glimpses of their weight loss. Vianey has also shared her plans to return to her studies soon.

Its exactly one year that I arrived in Texas. I remember that day I couldn't even stand but a few seconds. A year later

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