My 600-lb Life: Clarence can finally have erection after losing weight, but Dr Now isnt convinced – MEAWW

Posted: May 22, 2020 at 5:45 pm

The Perrio siblings, also known as one-ton family, collectively weigh over 2,000 pounds. At the beginning of their weight-loss journey, Roshanda weighed 783 pounds, Brandie 650 pounds and their brother, Clarence, the least of all, 583 pounds at the age of 33. After a lot of effort, all three siblings managed to lose a certain amount of weight, following which Dr Nowzaradan approved them for weight-loss surgery.

Roshanda, who lost over 300 pounds since 2018, tell the viewers in the latest (May 20) episode, Im more motivated than ever to do this. Im going to keep going and pushing ahead until I get to my goal, and I know were gonna come back together as a family.

Meanwhile, Clarence who quit the program to focus on his own weight-loss journey has managed to lose over 200 pounds since he appeared in the original episode. In Wednesday's episode, he says, I came to realize that where I need to be is focused on what will help me keep making progress and not on doing things that are a waste and taking me off of that focus.

The siblings meet with the weight-loss surgeon in Houston for the skin removal procedure. However, on stepping on the scale the siblings realize that they had only gained more weight since their visit despite working out intensely.

Although the Perrios feel they have achieved a significant result, Dr Now isnt convinced with the numbers on the scale. When he tells Roshanda, Brandie and Clarence that he would consider the skin removal surgery only after he witnesses them meet their target weight, Clarence makes a joke that doesnt serve the surgeon too well.

Clarence says hes happy with his weight loss as he can finally have an erection, to which Dr Now responds saying he can go without too many details. Dr Now adds that hes most disappointed with Roshanda and feels that the siblings share a dysfunctional dynamic, enabling one another.

However, Roshanda gets into action soon after her meeting with Dr Now as shes determined to lose all the extra pounds and undergo skin removal surgery before her birthday which is due soon.

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My 600-lb Life: Clarence can finally have erection after losing weight, but Dr Now isnt convinced - MEAWW

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