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Posted: June 13, 2017 at 2:46 am


Screening Tests

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Early adulthood is an ideal time to develop an ongoing working relationship with a family or primary care doctor, Meigs says. That way, youll have someone you trustand who is familiar with your lifestyle and health historyto talk to about any health concerns.

That is important when it comes to diseases that may be uncomfortable to discuss or that don't get regularly screened for, such as testicular cancer, Meigs says. In this case, for example, some men might ignore symptoms, and the USPSTF recommends against regular screening for the cancer, since it is relatively rare and has a high survival rate.

Still, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men age 15 to 34. If you do discover a lump or have pain in a testicle, its important to tell your doctor.

And while the CDCs baseline recommendations for yearly STD screenings are directed mainly at women and at men who have sex with men, Ana Fadich, M.P.H., vice president of the nonprofit health education group Mens Health Network, says all men should consider STD testing any time they change sexual partners.

Men will need to request this screening at the doctors office, says Fadich, since theres no men's health equivalent of the well-woman visit, in which STD screenings are routine.

Men's Health Checklist for Every Age - Consumer Reports -

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