Mary Trump says terrible diet and lack of exercise will prevent Donald Trump from running in 2024 – Queerty

Posted: November 16, 2020 at 2:57 pm


Trump has a lot of legal issues coming up and many of them are State level and therefor not subject to a Presidential pardon [should he give himself one and the Courts approve or get one by resignation and Pence granting it]. Secondly, his only real business success is his branding the Trump name and thats pretty much gone now, as Forbes shows about 1/3 of the properties that carried his name have since dropped it.

As for his fortune, Forbes and the WSJ estimate his net worth has also dropped by about 1/3, from $3.7 B to $2.5 B. This is after his sizeable debts which by some estimates tops $1 Billion. Many of his commercial properties are mostly vacant, membership at golf clubs dropping, occupancy at the remaining residential properties continues to decline and almost every business venture he was negotiating has panned out. No one is seeking to add the Trump name to their properties. Keep in mind that Trump doesnt own every building with his name on it, most carry the name since Trump Inc manages the property and many have stopped doing business with Trump Inc just to get rid of the name.

By many accounts, Trump is likely going to have to sell some properties to leverage his legal expenses and if NY [and other States] win cases and win back taxes, fines, penalties and legal costs, Trumps debts will skyrocket. THAT makes him a YUGE financial risk for lender banks as tax debts take priority over all others. Do you think Deutsch Bank will continue to float him loans when the know the NYS Government [amongst others] will take priority on debt collections?

Trump in 2024? Unlikely not just for what Mary Trump has been saying about his physical and mental health in the coming years, Trump will be fighting just to keep a tiny portion of his Empire. If I were Trumps kids, Id seriously start banking what they currently get in salary and not count on much of an inheritance. By 2024, not even the Trump name will be worth much.

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Mary Trump says terrible diet and lack of exercise will prevent Donald Trump from running in 2024 - Queerty

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