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Posted: March 26, 2020 at 3:43 am

Kerri Rodley out in the great outdoors practicing what she preaches, reducing stress while walking her dog while practicing social distancing.

2020 is a year that so far has produced enough stressful situations in three months that we would normally experience in years.

First the drought, then the bushfires and now COVID-19.

The virus is causing fear and panic across the globe yet ironically fear and panic can weaken our immune systems and make us more susceptible to illness because of the increased level of stress hormones.

But we can maintain our wellbeing and minimise the effects of stress on ourselves and our families.

Kerri Rodley is a Bay local who practices positive psychology and facilitates wellbeing workshops.

Kerris tips for minimising the effects of stress are to start by not being stressed about being stressed!

Kerri Rodley told News Of The Area, It is natural and normal to feel worried when the health of yourself and your family is compromised.

Stress is a biological response that is a normal part of our lives but it helps to remember that we are all in this together.

Social connection and support are the more effective tools for managing stress.

She urges us to think of creative ways that you can connect with family and friends virtually.

Social distancing does not mean social isolation; so reach out and make sure you help others in the community such as the elderly or disadvantaged.

Focus your energy on what you can control and accept what you cant.

Some of the things we can control are looking after your familys health via diet, exercise and mental stimulation.

Look for little things you can do every day to help yourself and them feel well and happy such as experimenting with new recipes and maybe freezing meals for the coming weeks, or pottering in the garden, she said.

We all have a project that we havent tackled, perhaps it is organising our digital photos, clearing the filing cabinet or taking up one of the many free online courses available.

Looking after our wellbeing today is important for how we will live well tomorrow.


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Maintaining Your Wellbeing During Times of Stress - News Of The Area

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