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Posted: November 22, 2020 at 1:58 am

I feel so sorry for the youth today - they have lost their fun freedom and in some cases future careers.

Not only the youth but our tiny tots as they grow into young adults they will find life has changed from their parents experience as young adults.

Many moan at their lack of responsibility but if you look at past teaching lessons included domestic science, (cooking ), technology, carpentry, parent skills, banking and economics.

All these were valuable to their future lives but now axed in the school curriculum.

What has this to do with covid shut down you may ask?

Well in shutdown they could use the skill of cooking and nutrition; research has shown Vitamin C and diet is a good defence against any illness.

We do not have the right to criticise when Consecutive governments have not taught the above skills in our schools and colleges and also not taken the right course to protect them from this with out education lifestyles.

The young adults are accused of obesity then the parents are not giving their children correct nutrition.They need direction rather than negative comments.

It is okay putting more money into the system but if they are not been given the right education in the first place the money will be wasted.

Show them how to economise with good nutritious recipes and I know there are some great basic simple economic cook books that could be distributed to young families.

Scientists have recommended vitamin C and D helps to fight illness so that you can gain from healthy food and good nutrition.

It is up to us a nation to correct this problem the senior citizens should support the middle age and young adults and listen to each other.

The people from the 20th century need to realise how good we did have it especially in the 60's, so now we should support and sympathise with those who will be living to old age in the 21st century.

Another problem is our young adults being blamed and responsible for spreading the virus but from what I have seen there have been many older people acting irresponsibly.

In fact on speaking to the young I have been very impressed with their attitude.

One young lady said she had just come out of lockdown due to contact with another student and would not even go out for a solitary walk, now that is responsible.

My grandson said: "Nan it is not fair we being blamed for others irresponsible behaviour and do you know what?"

I concur.

Christine Cassell


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