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Posted: March 7, 2020 at 3:46 pm

Colonial Williamsburg, taking away of free access for one day, each year, to active duty military personnel and dependent family members is egregiously shortsighted. Yes, CW does provide free access to active duty (and military veterans) and dependent family members during Memorial and Veterans Day weekends. But that doesnt happen without a six-figure grant from Home Depot (Thank you, Home Depot!). Like last weeks writer, I understand many or most active duty visitors are either young, single or married service members with young children. They use their free day, other than the Memorial and Veterans Day weekends because they are, more likely than not, on duty, deployed or in the area for training during times other than the two designated weekends. CWs new CEO recently stated that: As our society grows more fractious and forgetful of its past, (CWs) mission to inform, educate and inspire only becomes more relevant and, I would argue, necessary. It seems to me that one free day, each year, just might provide a greater and immutable awareness of our historical relevance, that informs, educates and inspires and, I would argue, necessary.

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Last Word on teachers pay, March 7 - Daily Press

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