Junk food fan’s shock after learning his ‘terrible’ diet has aged his body by a staggering 22 YEARS – The Sun

Posted: September 3, 2017 at 2:44 am

A NHS worker was left flabbergasted after learning his unhealthy diet had aged his body by a staggering 22 years.

Patrick Luckie, 51, from Brentwood, Essex, admitted he was aself-confessed junk food fiend, but believed he could get away with eating processed treats because of his trim physique.


Appearing on BBC Ones How To Stay Young, Patrick underwent 23 tests which identified his real body age, compared to that of his birth one.

Hosts Dr Chris van Tulleken and Angela Rippon said many of us are ageing too fast because of our unhealthy modern lifestyles.

Patrick said his long working hours have caused him to regularly snack on chocolate, sweets and crisps.

Tests showed his body age was 73 22 years older than his birth one.

Good grief. Im massively surprised. Its shocking. Its screaming at me that is, he said.

Those numbers really made me think about my future and where Im heading. I need to make positive changes.


Patrick was put on a three month plan, which involved him overhauling his diet and doing more exercise.

He swapped chocolate for nuts, and began eating avocados, fruit, porridge and hummus.

I want to be as healthy on the inside as I look on the outside, he said.

Patrick also visited the John Radcliffe Hospital, where doctors used an ultra scan to check the arteries in his neck.

His arteries were found to be thicker than they should be for someone of his age, which could put him at risk of heart attack or stroke.


I think Ive had my head in the sand for so long but it is better to know, he said.

After 12 weeks, Patrick returned to the lab to see if the changes hed made had a positive effect on his body.

His calorie intake had reduced from 4,157 a day to 2,908, and his cholesterol had plummeted from 6.3 to a healthy 5.1.

He had also knocked nine years off his body age, which is now 64.

Im well pleased with that, Im really chuffed, he said.


The programme also featured Jenifer Tutty, who struggled with insomnia.

The 47-year-oldssleeping problems began last year after she battled ovarian cancer.

Since the operation, my mind was racing and I cant sleep even though I want to, she said.

I definitely think its ageing me more. Sleep is the biggest thing for me, if I could get that done I would be elated.

The experts told her: Sleep is crucial to restore wear and tear in our brains. Its very important for healthy ageing.


Jenifer is told that her real body age is 71. That is terrible, that is so bad, she said.

She was advised to up her exercise regime and taught techniques to combat her insomnia.

She only sleeps for five hours a night, when the recommended amount is eight.

A lack of sleep can put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Television and anything else in her bedroom that could cause a distraction was banned, and she had to learn how to limit her sleep.

Jenifer is told to go to bed at 1am and wake up at 6am every day.

The idea is that if she restricts her time, shell feel sleepy quicker and should sleep better.

Although Im not sleeping for longer, Ive having longer patches of deep sleep, she said.

My life is completely transformed, Im much happier, more focused.

By learning to sleep better, Jenifer knocked 14 years off her body age to 57.

How To Stay Young airs on BBC One on September 13, 2017

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Junk food fan's shock after learning his 'terrible' diet has aged his body by a staggering 22 YEARS - The Sun

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