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Posted: January 7, 2020 at 5:48 am

When a new year rolls around, its tempting to go for broke and try to achieve all your health and fitness resolutions in record time with a brutal exercise regime and a highly restrictive diet.

However, according to Joe Wicks, all this approach does is put you on the fast track to giving up on those resolutions before the month is out.

Ive seen so many people go through the yo-yo diet circuit of low-calorie diets, ketogenic, Atkins or whatever it may be, says Wicks. I just think when youre doing these kind of things youre setting yourself up for failure because its not something you can sustain all year round.

Fortunately, Wicks isnt just going to leave you with advice on what you shouldnt do. Heres what you should try to make your diet healthier this January with a little help from recipe box service Gousto, in which Wicks is an investor.

Its about a balanced approach to nutrition. Im not a massive fan of people obsessively counting calories. People should focus on cooking at home and portion control, alongside general exercise. Thats what the general population really need, I think.

When you start cooking at home youre reducing the chances of having takeaways, fast food, and meal deals on the go. By doing that youre more in control of what youre eating and you can get proper nutritious food in you. Keep it simple, and go back to your bologneses, vegetable chillis, stir-fries and curries thats way more sustainable. The food is going to taste great because youve made it yourself, and you can store a bit of it in the fridge or the freezer. Little things like this are going to set you up for a successful week.

If you dont do that youve got to rely on food on the go and thats when you get in trouble. Thats when you start to gain lots of body fat and feel really run down.

With my 90-day plan there are portion sizes and you weigh everything out, but after the 90 days I dont want people to be weighing their food. I think you just learn about portion control through recipe books and if youre doing a plan. Essentially its about eating intuitively if you feel like youre eating massive portions and youre really sluggish and tired, then youre probably eating too much. Its a case of gradually reducing things. You might have a really low-calorie breakfast but then a really nutrient-dense lunch, and it has to be a weekly target rather than a daily target, or it becomes a bit restrictive.

If you go down the canned food aisle youve got lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, butter beans so many things that you might not necessarily be eating, but if your throw them in a curry with some coconut milk and some curry powder they taste incredible and are going to make your diet healthier.

People dont have the confidence to try things, they get stuck in the same five recipes on repeat. Thats why I like Gousto. I do four meals a week and it makes me try new things, new ingredients, and keeps things fresh every week as opposed to relying on the same food. I never cooked risottos, orzo pasta or Filipino curries I used to just do Indian curry and thats it. So its definitely got me using new flavours, and herbs and spices I wouldnt have used otherwise.

Most importantly its so convenient. The days of walking around supermarkets scratching my head wondering what to cook have gone.

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Joe Wicks On Why You Should Avoid Crash Diets - Coach

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