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Posted: January 4, 2020 at 3:45 am

TRIBUTE has been paid to a Silsden mum who has transformed her life after a long battle against weight problems and a smoking habit.

Ros Driver, a nurse, had endured issues with her weight since she was in her early teens.

She tried countless diets, without any long-term success.

But it was in 2011, when she was 51and her youngest daughter ten, that Ros realised action would have to be taken.

"I weighed-in at 15st 12lb and Im only 5ft 4ins tall," said Ros.

"It suddenly clicked that before long my youngest daughter would be grown up and gone, and I was in danger of missing out on everything."

She joined Slimming World at Silsden, and in under a year had lost five stones nine pounds picking-up numerous Slimmer of the Week titles along the way and reaching the Woman of the Year regional final.

After 18 months "in a happy place", Ros decided also to tackle her smoking.

She successfully quit, but it had a downside she put on over four stones.

"I really struggled," she said.

"It felt like I had let down all those lovely people who had shown such faith in me.

"I would sometimes get my head into gear and shed a stone, but then I would lose interest.

"This went on until 2017, when my GP warned me that I was verging on diabetic. However, even then I just thought 'I will deal with it later'."

It was in the summer of the following year, after some tests, that Ros was told she was 'officially' diabetic.

"I was horrified so I started again with the weight loss," she said.

"It took a bit longer this time, but again my friends in the group supported me all the way.

"And my husband and youngest daughter were amazing, doing the plan with me and enjoying a whole range of meals we cooked.

"I reached my target of losing five stones and I am proud to say I now weigh 10st 4lb. I am so happy and proud.

"Finally I am the weight I want to be and I'm still smoke free!"

Slimming World consultant Ann Hey pays tribute.

She said: "Ros is an absolute inspiration in the Silsden group, full of ideas and support for other members. She has been amazing throughout her journey with us."

Carla Weatherill, the organisation's team developer for the Keighley area, said Slimming World had an excellent ongoing relationship with Diabetes UK.

She added: "Diabetes UK suggests that people with the condition follow the same healthy, balanced diet recommended for the population as a whole ie limiting fat (especially saturated fat), sugar and salt intake, and including plenty of fruit, vegetables and some starchy carbohydrate food. This is also the basis of our food optimising plan.

"As with all conditions, its important to follow the medical and dietary advice given by your healthcare team. For example some people with diabetes may be given specific advice on the amount of certain foods they should eat, so its important to bear this in mind.

"Many of our members with diabetes have found their blood glucose levels and general health have improved significantly since following food optimising and a number also report that they require less medication now that they have lost weight."

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'Inspirational' mum transforms her life after long battle to lose weight and quit smoking - Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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