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Posted: March 21, 2020 at 10:47 am

Masks. Check. Sanitisers. Check. Hand wash regimen. Check. Social distancing. Check. Working on immunity. What? While we are busy taking all possible precautions to fight the pandemic thats making the world lose its sleep, most of us are probably not spending enough time to strengthen our own immune system perhaps the only way to fight coronavirus, if not prevent it completely. Here are a few simple ingredients that you can stock up on (no panic buying). Keep these handy to boost your immunity in order to help yourself and in turn, the world at large. Remember, worrying wont help, improving your gut and immunity will. FOODS RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTSSuperfoods like berries, onions, garlic, ginger, carrots and even pumpkins are high on antioxidants. Include one of these in your diet at least once a day. They are extremely essential for building our immune system, which in turn fights off the virus. These foods also contain abundant amounts of Vitamin C, B and E, which help get rid of infections.

GET YOUR DOSE OF VITAMIN COur body relies on these nutrients to launch an effective immune response. So, stock up on lots of citrus fruits like guavas, oranges, amla, berries, lime etc. Add vegetables of different colours to your plate and include moringa, basil leaves, spirulina, neem, green tea in your diet.

Sleep well: With increased workload we often indulge in caffeinated beverages without realising how tired our body actually is. This disturbs our sleep, which in turn causes stress that again hampers our immune system.

Exercise regularly: Mild exercise often releases stress and boosts our immune system. If you are tired, rest and sleep well, but do include light workouts in your daily routine.

Give up smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes: Smokers, especially those with a respiratory condition, are more susceptible to coronavirus. Now is the time to quit.

Take more of Vitamin D: Since there are few sources for this, try absorbing it the natural way.

Stay positive: Half of the battle is won when you dont let negative thoughts and anxiety affect yourself. Having a positive attitude can go a long way in coping with the crisis.

WHAT SUPPRESSES OUR IMMUNITY?Under-eatingUnder or over-exercisingWhite sugar and refined carbsChemical-laden foodsLack of sleepStressConsuming alcoholand smoking

THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITYFrom nutritionists, dieticians, health experts to fitness and health gurus, there are multifarious sources prescribing one magic potion after the other to prevent being infected by coronavirus. Social media is flooded with tips on various concoctions and medicines to deal with this, even as the best researchers and doctors in the world are still struggling to find an effective vaccination or cure. Lets get real! We know for a fact that till date there is no medicine or diet or potion to completely eliminate your chances of protracting this. Hence, the only way out till then is to boost our immunity. Nupur Saraf, consultant nutritionist

TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT TO PREVENT THE VIRUSYour gut is the immunity headquarter of your body. It contains over 70% of your immunity. So, take care of your gut and balance your good bacteria to systematically work on prevention of coronavirus by building your immunity and preparing your body for a speedy recovery. Neha Patodia, consultant nutritionist

Superfoods can help reduce contaminationThough theres no foolproof way to avoid the infection, strengthening our bodys immune system with superfoods and other ingredients can help reduce the risk of contamination. It is essential to have a diverse range of foods that can provide all the essential vitamins and minerals. B-complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are extremely important for strong immunity.

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Immunity boosters to make you #CoronaSafe - Times of India

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