How to avoid the Dry January failure triggers and stay booze-free all month –

Posted: January 12, 2020 at 2:43 am

January is traditionally a time of scarcity, gloom and self-restraint. Its reached peak grimness for many with the recent trend for a dry month, which adds quitting booze to the joyless roster of diet, exercise, bills, and working harder. No wonder that according to new research from Robinsons, a third of Brits give up on the dry bit altogether, with the second week of the month proving too much for 24 per cent.

But while the sweet relief of a Sauvignon may be a temporary crutch, its likely that the quitters will regret it, as their clear-skinned, sleep-enhanced pals sail on into February alcohol-free. So heres how to avoid the biggest drinkingtriggers, and stay sober all month long

If the whole house is quitting, great, you can chuck it all out. But if its just you, every time you open the fridge youll see wine and beer in the same old spot, or note the gin, calling from its familiar place. Changing the environment is crucial when it comes to changing a habit, so move the wine under the stairs, or shift the fridge beer to a different shelf where you dont automatically spot it. It sounds so obvious, but it makes a big difference because just noting that its moved means youll be reminded of the reason. In its place, keep snacks you like, or an expensively delicious soft drink, and make sure to have some ice in the freezer at all times.

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How to avoid the Dry January failure triggers and stay booze-free all month -

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