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Posted: December 29, 2019 at 12:43 am

Losing weight and keeping it off is a lot easier when you have expert guidance from the leader in weight loss and its supportive community. WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) just rolled out its most customized program ever, and it's poised to continue to help millions of members around the world accomplish their weight-loss and wellness goals in 2020. With myWW, each new member takes a personal assessment which matches them with a customized program that can make losing weight easier.

While many members follow and succeed on the WW program using the WW app, those who would like a little extra expert guidance and consistent support swear by the weekly WW Workshops to keep them accountable and help them stay on track. WW Coaches host weekly 30-minute Workshops at over 800 studios nationwide.

Jeanne Robert is a WW Coach at WW Park Ridge Studio. (WW Coaches are all previous members who met their goal weight with WW and now share their knowledge and support with WW members at weekly Workshops.) Learn more about her weight-loss journey and get inspired!

Answers have been edited for clarity and length.

Jeanne: I joined WW in October of 2005 with a friend. My weight had always been a struggle for me, especially after I got married in 2003 and began eating just as much as my hubby. I tried so many times before on my own, but I was never successful at sticking to anything.

So my friend and I signed up together. It was so helpful to have someone expect me to be at the WW Workshops; and since we were close friends, we often dined out together. Having each other to lean on proved invaluable for me. In just over a year, I had lost 50 pounds. In 2009, I joined WW as a Coach.

Jeanne: After I reached my goal, I managed my weight loss fairly easily, but then I got pregnant. Sadly, I miscarried, and that started a several-year struggle with fertility and fertility drugs. This emotional and medical struggle took a toll on my weight management, but being a WW member (and an employee) helped me mitigate my weight gain. I wasn't always perfectly on plan, but having the plan definitely helped keep me from gaining it all back and then some!

We struggled several years trying to have a family, but in June 2014 we became a family through adoption! Then we adopted again the following June. It was an exciting time for our family, and having WW was instrumental in helping me keep those pounds off. Some pounds would come and go, but having the techniques from WW helped me get back on track when I needed it most.

Jeanne: I find the member support to be the most inspirational. Not a Workshop goes by where one member doesn't say to another, "Your comment really made me think last week, so I did this," or "I thought of you after what you said, and it inspired me to do that." It's the magic of the group that inspires me in every Workshop.

Jeanne: I love the fact that each member gets their own customized weight-loss plan! Time and again, I hear members exclaim how their plan is working for them, and that sense of ownership of the program excites me. It really is myWW for each of us!

Jeanne: WW at Park Ridge is a comfortable place, the kind of place where members will pop their head in to say hi when running next door to the hardware store. It's friendly, and I love that about our location!

Jeanne: My favorite topics are the ones that delve into our mindset. I love to see members experience that mindset shift in the Workshop and watch that light turn on.

Jeanne: I fall prey to the food table often, so I try my best to mingle. If I'm not lingering by the food, I'm less inclined to mindlessly eat. Another tip I use came from a member who alternates her drinks water, cocktail, diet soda, water, cocktail and that has been incredibly helpful over the years.

Jeanne: I would suggest people put that plan on paper. Write it out and make a specific plan. What needs to change? How will you make that change? As the saying goes, "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Jeanne: WW at Park Ridge has Workshops five days a week at various times, so you can find a time and day that works for you! We are always ready to welcome you to our studio. Come and check out a Workshop anytime, and we can answer any of your questions. We also have App Academy events regularly to help anyone who has questions about how to make the most of the WW mobile app.

Jeanne: No season is without challenges. Holidays, weekends, birthdays, random Wednesdays, all happen any time of year. If we wait until we have nothing on the calendar, we will be waiting forever! When I joined in October, others asked me why I didn't wait until after the holidays. I would tell them that I joined when I joined because it was just as good a time as any and believe it or not, I lost 25 pounds by the time the holidays were said and done! Imagine where I would have been had I waited.

Jeanne: I say come on in and check out a WW Workshop! It is amazing how helpful it is to have a place to express the challenges of sticking to healthy habits with a group who totally understands where you are coming from.

Jeanne: The members! I should shout it from the rooftops: THE MEMBERS! As a Studio Team, we are there during some of the best and most challenging times in a member's life. Sometimes, they come in to lose weight for a specific event like a wedding or a vacation; and sometimes, they are coming to us on their doctor's behest. The motivation is different for all of us, and to be there for our members when they need us the most is the rewarding reason why I love being a WW Coach.

Jeanne: WW has changed my life without a doubt. I have made dear friends, achieved my own milestones and celebrated the milestones of others. WW has helped me learn so much about myself and has allowed me the freedom to relearn some lessons over the years in an encouraging environment. I am excited for all we have in store for 2020, too!

WW is a weight-loss program that takes a people-focused, science-backed approach to promoting weight loss and healthy living. Its new program, myWW, is fully customized to make losing weight easier for you.

When you join myWW, you'll start with a personal assessment that asks a range of questions about your unique food preferences, activity level, lifestyle and approach to weight loss. Based on your responses, WW will scientifically match you with a customized, proven weight-loss plan that can make losing weight easier.

Every person in the WW Studio is on your side! The friendly guides and expert Coaches will quickly become your greatest motivators and sources of support to make 2020 the year you reach your weight loss goals!

Workshops held at WW Studio locations cover topics that are relevant to weight loss, health and wellness. You can participate as much or as little as you want. There are WW Workshops during the morning, afternoon and evening, seven days a week. This gives you flexibility to attend the Workshop time/day/location that works for during any particular week and ensure your accountability network is always accessible.

Based on years of research, the WW Workshop curriculum is always evolving to bring the best science-backed techniques to help you lose weight and build healthy habits for life.

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