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Posted: May 3, 2019 at 4:46 pm

In this article, you will find theoretical and practical information about HGH influence on weight loss, its mechanism, principles, and practical ways to use HGH for losing weight. Besides, you will learn what diet to keep and how to combine growth hormone with fat burners.


HGH is highly popular among both professional sportsmen and amateurs. Several facts can explain this phenomenon:

HGH fat loss effects are performed due to the following properties:

Yes, it can, because your organism uses your fat as energy. Even more, growth hormone helps you gain muscles and burn fat simultaneously, thus increasing lean muscle mass.

Before starting to take HGH, evaluate the amount of body fat and decide what result do you expect.

If your body fat is 15% and you want to reduce the amount to 7-9%, you need a long cycle with arelatively low dosage of thehormone. The amount of extra fat is big, so the organism needs time to burn it, and you cant shorten this period. Your cycle 4-5 IU for 3-4 months.

If your body fat is already low (8-10 %) and you need to become deeply ripped, you need ahigher dosage (6-10 IU) to induce the fat burning process. Your diet should be stricter. HGH will carry out two functions: preventing muscle loss and accelerating fat burning.

The most popular protocols are ED (every day) and EOD (every other day). Both work well for muscle gain, but only every-day pattern is beneficial for weight loss.

The main reason is that growth hormone influences fat by itself without thehelp of IGF-1. HGH level after injection is still high only for 4-5 hours instead of 10-20 hours of IGF. It means that you need to inject HGH every day or, even better, twice a day to achieve the effect of fat loss.

The first injection should be taken immediately after you wake up, before first meal. During this period, the level of sugar in the blood is low, and HGH retrieves fats more efficiently.

The second injection is better to take 6-8 hours later or before going to bed.

The diet is similar to a simple diet for cutting. First of all, leave off fast carbohydrates and animal fats. Then, gradually decrease theamount of carbs you consume and slightly increase the portion of proteins. Because growth hormone is a strong anti-catabolic substance, you can use strict diet and not be afraid to lose muscle mass. Eat every 2-3 hours.

How to train on growth hormone?

The best training program on HGH is voluminous training with a big number of sets and short breaks between them. It is not relevant for natural cutting because of catabolism, but when you take HGH for weight loss, the hormone prevents your muscles from catabolism, so you can train with lighter weights to get higher volume.

To get theresult, it is extremely important to perform aerobic exercises. The best time to do that is morning fasting after you have injected HGH. The level of FFA rises in 30 minutes after the injection, and fatty acids become very easy to oxidize. A run for an hour will be very useful for your cutting.

Cardio can be frequent, 5 and more times a week.


Althoughl-carnitine is considered a very mild fat burner, it is highly efficient while you are using growth hormone. To understand this,lets examine how carnitine works. The main function carnitine has thetransportation of fatty acids to mitochondria, where they oxidize and converse to ATP. So, HGH and carnitine work in conjunction as HGH retrieves fatty acids and carnitine transports them. You can use this combination both for cutting to enhance HGH fat loss process and for bulking to stay leaner.

ECA (ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin)

This stack is a powerful fat burner and perhaps the best idea to accelerate your cutting. The most popular ratio is 25 mg of Ephedrine + 250 mg of caffeine + 250 mg of aspirin. These compounds give nice synergic effect. Eph induces therelease of noradrenalin, which influences alpha receptors in fat cells, thus promoting lipolysis. Caffeine enhances noradrenaline, and aspirin inhibits prostaglandin (the hormone that can block noradrenaline)

ECA and HGH can complement each other and thus help achieve a better effect.


Clenbuterol works like ECA, but it stimulates beta receptors instead of alpha receptors. Clenbuterol is less effective than ECA, but it is legal in most countries. Also, you can use ECA and clenbuterol in rotation.

Another effect of Clen is the anti-catabolic one.

Consider these factors:

Protocol forone month of cutting

Week 1-2: HGH (4-6 IUs) with ECA (2 times a day) and L-carnitine (1,5 2 g).

Week 3-4: HGH (4-6 IUs) with Clenbuterol (40-120 mg a day; the dosage rises during the usage) and L-carnitine (1,5 2 g).

Then you can repeat this protocol once more. Rotation of Clen and ECA allows receptors to clean and become sensitive again. Growth hormone efficacy only decreases if you take it for a very long period (half a year) or if HGH is of low purity,with a high percent of bacterial residue.

You can read our article about HGH brands, where you will find comprehensive information about thegrowth hormone market.

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