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Posted: April 15, 2019 at 1:46 pm

HGH therapy for weight loss is one of the most trending non-surgical treatments to reduce weight. Well, you might be thinking it is just one of those useless overrated dietary supplements. HGH is not just another supplement to help you lose weight. It really gets the job done!

The difference between the Human Growth Hormone and other supplements is that HGH alters your metabolism to work in a certain way which reduces weight, it doesn`t work against it as other supplements or conventional diets do. When you take HGH injection, the HGH will make your body to metabolize fat as first preference whenever the body is in need of energy. As a result, you would find yourself losing any extra fat especially belly fat and extra fat in the hips and buttocks.

Furthermore, with HGH not only will you lose weight but you would also gain lean muscle! HGH has high anabolic properties and it increases protein synthesis which is essential for muscle growth.

HGH efficacy on weight loss has been proven through a number of scientific studies. One of the studies is a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study showed that individuals who used HGH for more than 6 months had lost about 14.4% of body fat and gained about 8.8% in lean muscle.

Well, if you are taking a direct injection of human growth hormone supplements, you may indeed suffer some side effects. However, releases have little or no side effects, because they stimulate the production of natural human growth hormone within the body itself, and this is perfectly safe.

Studies have found out that obese individuals have low levels of Human Growth Hormone. HGH promotes fat loss through its action on two enzymes which control lipolysis, hormone-sensitive lipase(HSL) and lipoprotein lipase. These two enzymes are responsible for the regulation of(LPL)lipogenesis (fat accumulation) and lipolysis (breakdown of stored triglycerides into free fatty acids).

HGH reduces the uptake of free fatty acids by the fat storage cells adipocytes. HGH inhibits the action of LPL which is responsible for the accumulation of triglycerides in fatty tissue. The enzyme LPL breaks down triglycerides releasing free fatty acids (FFA). Free fatty acids become the energy source replacing the use of proteins and sugars for energy. HGH is most ideal for burning fat belly because its impact in inhibiting the action of LPL is greater in fat stores within the abdomen.

The higher the levels of free fatty acids circulating in the blood, the lower the rate of HGH release by the pituitary gland. Probably this is the reason behind the low levels of HGH in obese people than normal weight people. The scientist has also found that HGH clearance from obese individuals is more pronounced through a certain mechanism which do not occur in normal weight individuals. Furthermore, the high levels of IGF-1 seen in obese individuals tend to have a negative feedback effect on GH release.

HGH supports the action of Hormone Sensitive Lipase (breaks down stored triglycerides into FFAs and glycerol). The glycerol portion of the triglyceride is removed in order to allow the exit of free fatty acids out of the cell. HGH also acts on the cells by increasing the number of receptors on the cell and preventing the breakdown of messengers in the cell that affects HSL occurrence.

The reason why intermittent fasting works so well with HGH to burn fat whilst preserving muscle is that HGH opposes the breakdown of skeletal muscles during fasting. It promotes the use of fat energy rather than protein or sugar. Without HGH, protein is usually also broken down during fasting which leads to muscle loss as well as weight loss.

The best news about HGH is that it effectively decreases visceral adipose tissue(VAT) with or without exercise. In GHD patients, HGH also improves lipid abnormalities. Albeit being expensive, the use of HGH along with or without insulin also produces novelty results. Although a few studies disapprove the effectiveness of HGH on weight loss, there are a lot more studies which report that GH is effective in reducing fat mass, especially visceral fat.

If you get HGH from a reliable source you are likely to see no side effects at all or just a very few. This is because, despite the HGH used in injections being synthetic, it is bioequivalent to the HGH naturally produced by the pituitary gland. Therefore, synthetic HGH has the same mechanism of action and the body recognizes it as its own. People taking HGH might experience the following side effects:

Fortunately, all of the above side effects are reversible. If they persist you would have to stop taking HGH.

There are increasing concerns that despite its vast majority of benefits, the Human Growth Hormone might actually cause cancer. There is not much evidence to support this theory except for a certain study on acromegaly patients. The study revealed that there was about 12-35% rise in pre-cancerous polyps of the colon in individuals with acromegaly. The study also showed that 6.9% of the cases had colon cancer. These individuals were administered HGH at high doses for a long period of time.

Most scientists disapprove the above results saying the above subjects were given excessively high doses of HGH for a very long time which doesn`t happen when people take the normal HGH injections in very low doses and not for very long. To support this there is a study which was carried out on rats. The rates were administered HGH for 2 years and after 2 years, none of them had cancer.

It is believed that HGH doesn`t cause cancer but since it is an anabolic hormone which increases cell growth and regeneration of all cells including cancer cells, if someone already has cancer, it will also greatly increase the progression of the disease.

These concerns were raised due to a certain study which reported an increase in the incidence of leukaemia in children who were undergoing HGH replacement therapy. However, there hasn`t been other studies to support this claim. A study published in Lancet also reported a great risk from Hodgkins disease, colorectal cancer, and cancer in patients taking HGH. Nonetheless, the final conclusion based on other studies as well was that leukaemia risk is only substantially raised in high-risk individuals like those with chromosomalfragility and not everyone.

Although a number of studies have approved HGH as an effective non-surgical way to reduce weight loss, the FDA hasn`t approved HGH yet as a safe treatment for weight loss. Therefore, HGH cannot be prescribed by doctors just for weight loss.

The FDA only approved HGH for Growth Hormone Deficiency and other health-related conditions. Without satisfactory long-term clinical research about the potential side effects and their risk, the FDA probably won`t change their opinion any time soon. They are concerned with the risk of insulin resistance, muscles and joint pain, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Probably you can`t go to your doctor to ask for an HGH prescription so that you lose weight. However, you can try out some natural techniques which help to increase HGH levels in the body like getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. You can also take secretagogues. These are substances, usually amino acids which stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

Losing the first 5-10% of body fat can be one of the most difficult challenges. This is because it will take the body a little while before it adapts to using up your fat stores for energy. You can use HGH for the first few weeks as it specifically promotes lipolysis and convinces your body to use up your fat stores instead of sugars or proteins (muscle). HGH can be used as a stepping stone towards a lean and healthy body as it helps to reset the body to a more natural metabolic state whereby fat metabolism at the same time preserving lean muscle mass.

According to a number of clinical studies, weight loss with HGH therapy can start to be noticed within a few weeks. However, to get the full blown results with HGH for weight loss it would take a couple of months. Within six months, most people report getting their dream satisfactory results.

According to previous studies on HGH and weight loss, most people can expect to lose from 10-14% of their fat mass over a period of 4-6 months. This weight loss would be purely based on the lipolytic effect of HGH (without exercise) This means that if you couple HGH with exercise you are likely to see even more amazing results!

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