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Posted: September 15, 2020 at 4:52 am

We all are guilty of making fitness resolutions every New Year and even more guilty as we fail to achieve them. Like every year, 2020 was no different. 2020 took every one of us by shock affecting our normal routines and pushing back all our plans and goals due to the lockdown.

But think about it, dont we all deserve to step out of 2020 with something to be proud of? Let the lockdown not wreck your fitness goals. We are 4 months away from New Year and we cant stop thinking of all the new resolutions that we will be taking for 2021, but have we really achieved the 2020 being fit resolution? As Soumen Das, Skechers suggests, there are ample of things you can do to meet your objective and make the resolution easier to follow.

4 Pointers To Keep Your Fitness Goals In Perspective


Meditation is about mindfulness and being content, which gives one the power to think and maintain a steady balance. Meditation is all about the psychological process which helps one to develop a stable mental state. A person trying to be fit must always add meditation to their routine. Meditation affects our bodies as well as minds. People who are stressed are prone to more diseases than people suffering from obesity.


Cycling being the new thing and safest to ride during this pandemic, along with that it is also a great form of cardio for pear-shaped people. Research has shown multiple and proven benefits of cycling like protecting from stroke, heart attack, cancers, diabetes, etc. It is probably the easiest outdoor fun activity for people of all age groups. This is a great way to be healthy before the year ends.


Running never goes off-trend and we all know that this is probably the most clichd advice but it is the most effective. We all look for extremely easy ways to lose weight, like a detox diet, military diet, etc. Basically, we all think fad diets work better, but the reality is No pain, no gain. Running is one of the most effective workouts to do. All one needs is the right shoe, which has a lightweight midsole that puts an extra pep in your stride on all your runs.


While many of us are scared to go out and that is one of the major reasons which is keeping us away from reaching the goal. There are various things that we can do at home like exercising but skipping is the best thing to do as it not only reminds us of childhood memories but also a great form of cardio. One can simply do 100-200 skips regularly to lose weight as it involves all the body muscles helping in tone legs, buttocks, hips, etc.


The word Yoga means Union, where the body truly gets to meet ones soul. Yoga has numerous benefits from losing weight to being a positive mind. While there are many benefits of yoga, the best part is we can do it at home too. We dont need to spend extra bucks on that yoga instructor, rather one can simply buy a yoga mat and start practising at home with the help of online videos. One can practice yoga early in the morning on an empty stomach to lose weight, so if you are someone looking to achieve that fit body, you must know Yoga se hi Hoga.

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