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Posted: February 29, 2020 at 1:46 am

CONTINUEDChanging trends

Some of the most popular supplements are those that promise to aid digestion, weight loss, and better mood.

A look at trends shows that the demand for weight loss supplements, which used to be very high, is currently on a downward slide. Consumers are buying less and less of them.

It is very likely that this kind of product is responsible for the view of doctors that dietary supplements are ineffectual. The majority of those who use the ones for weight loss often end up disappointed, partly because they rely on these products singly.

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More Americans are turning to supplements that promise good health and graceful aging. The anti-aging niche is currently seeing more interest, driven mainly by Baby Boomers who wish to preserve good health for as long as possible.

GenF20 Plus, an HGH supplement for slowing the aging process, is one of those supplements that have become hugely popular in the past few years. This HGH supplement actually appears to be a market leader.

The anti-aging segment has witnessed a huge growth in the past five years and it is still growing.

Scientists are also concerned about the safety of health supplements. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has actually found that some contain possibly harmful ingredients that are not listed on their labels.

It is possible that some users may use undue amounts of these products. Children may overdose on those having sugary compounds or vitamin D.

Supplements containing caffeine may cause nausea, migraines, anxiety, or even cardiac problems, among other side effects. Also, Ginkgo biloba, a popular constituent of these offerings, may interact with blood thinners.

Some additives in food supplements may produce a laxative effect, which could lead to dehydration, fatigue, and fainting.

Along with those for weight loss, supplements for bodybuilding and sexual enhancement are the leading culprits.

It is expected that regulators will continue to monitor the market more closely in the years ahead for safety reasons.

However, it looks like many Americans will maintain an interest in health supplements in the years ahead despite doubts about their efficacy and safety.

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