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Posted: March 30, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Headaches arent welcome here thats the sign you have hanging on your brains front door, but the pain is barging right in. You can chalk it up to stress from world events or something you ate or drank, and you might be right. But there are a number of common triggers for migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches. The faster you identify them, the quicker you can boot headache pain off the property.

Take note of your circumstances when a headache starts. Keep a diary to track the day, time, symptoms, and circumstances surrounding the pain (what had you eaten? where did it happen?). Common causes of headaches include the following seven triggers.

If you can associate your headache pain with particular triggers, you can try to avoid them. If that doesnt help, talk to your doctor. There are many prescription medications, as well as pill-free treatments (acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback, relaxation therapy) that can help reduce headache frequency.

And youll need to go a step further: Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, eat a healthy diet, limit alcohol intake, and reduce stress, Dr. Ashina says. Headaches are a condition of hypersensitivity, so you need balance in your system to fight triggers.

Finding that balance may be difficult right now, with the world in turmoil. But maintaining good health, and keeping a clear head thats free of pain, will certainly give your more focus, and maybe even more strength to get through this challenging time.

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Have a headache? The top 7 triggers - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health

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