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Posted: October 16, 2020 at 12:56 am

The "The Global Mobile Weight Loss Market 2020: How Digital Solutions Transform the Weight Loss Industry and Chronic Care" report has been added to's offering.

This report is a study of the global market for mobile weight loss solutions, which assist people in weight loss efforts by providing various content and services. It is the most comprehensive account of the digital transformation in the weight loss industry.

The report also evaluates country market opportunities and profiles the top 10 country markets. It also discusses major trends that will transform the digital weight loss industry in the medium-term. Given the current economic uncertainty, the impact of the COVID-19 is also analyzed.

Product Description

Mobile weight loss solutions have disrupted the global weight loss market, as the use of mobile apps has proven to be more efficient not only in comparison with on-site programs but also with other digital tools, such as web-based programs. The COVID-19 crisis has, even more, accelerated the mobile-centric digitalization of the weight loss industry.

Moreover, mobile weight loss solutions have already transformed chronic care, as they increasingly are an essential part of preventing and managing various chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, etc. The global mobile weight loss market is already a multi-billion market that is set to double by 2025, despite the currently unravelling economic difficulties.

Based on first-hand sources and comprehensive data, the report offers an unrivalled perspective on how mobile weight loss solutions transform the weight loss industry and chronic care, offering new investment and expansion opportunities. Analyzing in detail the market opportunity, the current market structure, competition, geography, and outlook, it provides exhaustive and insightful reading for those who are looking for new opportunities in one of the most thriving digital health markets.

Explore a data-rich report full of metrics, analysis, and insights, designed to navigate you through the disruptive mobile weight loss industry and open new investment opportunities!

Why this Market is so Attractive

Key Topics Covered:

1. Scope of the report

2. Management summary

3. The Impact of The COVID-19 Crisis on the Weight Loss and Behavior Change Industry

4. Global Opportunity For Mobile Weight Loss Services

4.1. Demographic Target Group: Overweight Prevalence Among Adults

4.2. Addressable Market: Overweight Audience with Capable Devices

5. The Mobile Weight Loss Ecosystem: Current Status

5.1. The Growth of the Supply Side: Number of Solutions (2010-2019)

5.2. The Growing Demand: Downloads and Usage (2018-2020)

5.3. The Diversity of the Market: Main Use Cases

5.4. The Diversity of the Market: Major Groups of Weight Loss Solutions

5.5. The Nutrition segment: The Most Popular Diets Used in Mobile Weight Loss Apps

5.6. Technology Improvements: Automated Logging, Data Syncing, and Device Connectivity in Mobile Weight Loss Solutions

5.7. Business Models and Revenue Streams: Market Size and Segmentation

5.8. Clinical Trials by Mobile Weight Loss Solutions Providers: Is There Proof-of-Concept Available?

6. Market Competition: Big Ecosystem, High Concentration

6.1. Weight Loss Market Players: The Competitive Landscape

6.2. Leading Publishers: Downloads, Usage, and Revenues

7. Leading Market Players: Company Profiles

7.1. WW International

7.2. Noom

7.3. Under Armour (MyFitnessPal)

7.4. Genesis Technology Partners (BetterMe)

7.5. YAZIO

7.6. Lifesum

7.7. Verv

7.8. Livongo Health

7.9. Omada Health

7.10. Lark Health

8. Top 10 Country Markets for Mobile Weight Loss Solutions

8.1. Geographic Structure of the Mobile Weight Loss Market

8.2. Top 10 Country Markets: Ranking by Downloads and Monthly Active Users

8.3. The United States

8.4. India

8.5. Russia

8.6. Brazil

8.7. The United Kingdom

8.8. Germany

8.9. France

8.10. Japan

8.11. Italy

8.12. Mexico

9. Major Trends that Will Shape the Mobile Weight Loss Market

10. Outlook: The Market's Forecast until 2025

10.1. The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Market: Key Scenarios and Assumptions

10.2. Demographic Target Group and Addressable Market Forecast

10.3. Downloads Forecast

10.4. Usage forecast: Baseline and Optimistic Scenarios

10.5. Revenue Forecast: Baseline and Optimistic Scenarios

11. Appendix

Companies Mentioned

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