Frankie Essex shares her top five tips for losing weight and reveals ditching ketchup helped her lose two stone – The Sun

Posted: August 28, 2017 at 2:44 pm

FRANKIE Essex has shared her top five tips for losing weight and revealed ditching ketchup helped her lose two stone.

The reality star has undergone a major transformation in recent years - and she credits cleaning up her diet with helping her slim down.


Frankie, who turns 30 next month, looks better than ever after over-hauling her eating habits and taking up a new exercise regime.

She has lost more than two stone, and credits her transformation to a few simple rules that helped her change her life.

The former Towie starhas now shared her weight loss secrets with The Sun Online.She revealed that cutting out tomato sauce played a big part in her makeover.

Frankie has given us her top five tips and explained how anyone can give their diet a healthy makeover.

Her sage advice includes eating plenty of vegetables, drinking water and swapping pasta for rice to really help shift those pesky pounds.

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Frankie insists this is her number one tip for staying healthy and losing weight and reveals she downs two to three litres every day.

She said: "Drink lots of water. At least two to three litres. Half the time you're not even hungry - you're just thirsty.

"You know when you're hungry and you eat something and you're still hungry - you're just thirsty so drink water."

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Frankie admits giving up ketchup was hard, but sugary and creamy sauces all pile on unnecessary calories.

She told us: "You have to eat clean - food without sauces. Ifyou are going to have chicken and potatoes then don't have like a creamy mushrooms sauce.

"Have the mushrooms but try and stay way from all the sauces.

"I used to love sauces, especially ketchup but i don't have it any more. It's full of sugar."

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The former Towie star is adamant that what you eat is just as important as what you do eat - and making simple changes to your eating habits can make a big difference.

She explained: "Eating vegetables is obviously key andstay away from white carbs like bread and pasta.

"Rice is alright to be fair, as it's gluten free and I eat a lot of gluten free so rice is actually alright."

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As well as looking at what you are feeding your body, Frankie reveals how much you are eating also has a big impact.

So she has a simple method to make sure you aren't accidentally over-eating.

She said; "Portion sizes are really important.

"Always eat something the same size as your wrist. You can have pasta but only the size of your wrist.

"So if you clench your fist that's the size of the portion you should be eating."

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You can help build up your muscles by making sure you are getting enough protein. If you are working out regularly, getting enough of these key nutrients is really important.

Frankie also reveals that you should never go to bed on a full stomach, but if you find yourself craving a late night snack - try sipping a protein shake instead of reaching for the biscuits.

She said: "If you go gym have protein.

"If you're hungry at night time - you should go to bed hungry - but if you can't you should have a protein shake.

"You should always go to bed hungry really, then you wake up and have breakfast."

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