Four stone weight loss has changed the life of Tipperary woman Paula –

Posted: January 4, 2020 at 3:45 am

Tipperary woman Paula was felling so low her weight had gotten the better of her.

She had seen a picture of herself at a friend's wedding and was disgusted by how she looked.

Paula said - I was so breathless the slightest activity would have me sweating. I hated to look at myself and would cry when nothing would fit.

It would get worse when people would ask when are you due your baby.and I wasnt even pregnant.

Paula pictured before her weight loss

It really started to affect not only my physical health but also my mental health.

Paula knew something had to change and it took a lot of courage to walk in the door the first day to Slimming World.

What amazed Paula most was that she could eat so much and never go hungry with a bonus of still losing weight.

Her favourite meal to cook is chicken curry with loads of veg and chips. She would fill up on omelettes with salmon and salad for lunch and loves a big Slimming World fry up for breakfast.

And what Paula loves about it is the fact that the whole family can eat the same meals and enjoy them.

Paula has gone on to lose over four stone and has enjoyed doing much more activities such as keep fit classes. She loves a challenge, competing in many fitness challenges and mini marathons.

Paula says the best thing about her weight loss is learning to love herself again as her self esteem has soared and not only has it helped her physically but also mentally.

She says - The best advise I can give anyone who struggles with their weight is to join a group, stay to the group, make friends with others in the group who face the same challenges and get the support - its the secret to your success.

Paulas consultant Denise remarks - Paula is an amazing member in our group. Each and every week she is always there to help and support other members with loads of tips and advice.

Her success has inspired many others to join and she is such a support in group that on many occasions she has been crowned the group's Woman of the Year.

Paula adds - The best feeling is not only reaching your target weight but also in knowing you can keep it off.

If you wish to join Slimming World go to to find your nearest group.

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Four stone weight loss has changed the life of Tipperary woman Paula -

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